Monday, December 15, 2014

October 17, 1965 The Beautiful Day, The Apple Dumplings, The Blue Crepe and The Brown Cotton

Dear Mother & Daddy,

"It is such a beautiful day but I haven't had much chance to enjoy it. I had to help fix communion this morning so didn't get home till almost 1:00 from church. Then had to go back at 2:00 for a committee meeting. Ann had to finish cleaning up the kitchen but that didn't hurt her.

There was a concert at school this afternoon that I wanted to hear but couldn't fit it in.

Yesterday morning we left at 8:30 to go to a Pen Women art show in Decatur. B drove a car full of women but he didn't go to the show with us. He checked on a water proofing company but we don't know whether we'll do anything or not.  He wasn't very impressed.

We got back from Decatur a little after noon but there were a dozen things I had to do in the afternoon besides making a dessert to take to potluck. It was after 4:00 by the time I got started on it so I really buzzed around. I ended up by making apple dumplings and they were real good.

Ann went to a party and planned to wear her new green dress but the weather was so warm she couldn't. We did some hunting around here for something to wear & I finally just let out some seams of an old dress and she wore that. She has lots of clothes but very few really dress-up things. Every time I think I have her fixed up with clothes she need something different.

I finished that blue crepe I bought at Plimmers. It made up real pretty and I wore it to a dinner at school.

Did I tell you I finally finished that brown piece of cotton I got at Plimmers? It was a big disappointment & I'll have to use it for a housedress. B & Ann call it my Brownie Scout dress & it does look like a Brownie uniform.

I'm going to babysit with the little girl next door in the morning. The regular sitter has to attend a funeral so I'll fill in.

I haven't heard from Buddy & Bessie in a long time but I haven't written to them either. We haven't thought much about Thanksgiving. B may not want to do a thing but rest. His work is never finished. Art is at Mayos now and we are all anxious to hear the results.

B thinks he found the roof leak. At least, we haven't had any more. He is raking & burning leaves now. The flower beds are left for me but I don't know when I'll do it.

I'm still working on the table cloth but don't find much time to do it. I guess I should have let you finish it like you suggested. The border is about half done and it is the slowest one I have made. There is much more work on this one. I still haven't bought my yarn.

I must get this to the box before the mail is picked up or it will be later than ever.

We are all fine and hope both of you are."

                    Lots of love,



  1. There seems to be quite a lot of correspondence regarding sewing and making things in these postings, was that a tradition?
    Glad to see you found another telephone related illustration!

  2. My mother loved all handwork--sewing, quilting, knitting, crocheting, etc. She would later add beadwork, silversmithing and painting to her list of hobbies. However, many American homemakers, particularly those with rural backgrounds, had these same skills. She was also very frugal and believed that she could make better clothes at a better quality than she could buy.

    I should be including more telephone related things since my mother's brother, "Buddy", had a very long career with Southwestern Bell Telephone Co.!

    Thanks for your comments!


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