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November 6, 1965 The Sun, The Leaves, The Folk Singers and The Research Department

Dear Mother & Daddy,

"When I got up I thought our nice weather was finished. It rained in the night and the sky looked as if it would start snowing any minute. It is too warm to snow and now the sun it out so maybe we will still have more of the wonderful days we have been having.

We all went to the high school football game last night and it was unbelievable that it could be so warm this time of the year.

Last Sunday we spent the day working in the yard and it looks pretty neat. The neighbors still have leaves but maybe we'll be all right if they don't blow too much. There are still some things I'd like to dig up or trim off but they can wait if I don't get them done.

Barry McQuire
With all the Xmas catalogs coming in I've been trying to get a few ideas. Can you tell me a few things you and Daddy would like? I won't promise that you'd get them but it would help, anyway. ha!

I've been trying to think of ideas I might give you since I couldn't when you asked me last summer. Bob and Ann would both like a record--one of the folk singers--Bobby Dylan or Peter, Paul & Mary, or some of those.

Cher, "Some of those"
Bob needs handkerchiefs. He doesn't have any & will have to have some to take to school with him next year. B needs undershirts--large, 42-44 and ties or black or dark sox. Ann suggested a dresser scarf one time, too, but that's a lot of work.

Larsens are home and so happy about the Mayo report. Faith was at book club Monday and it was just like a cloud had lifted off her face.

Art is just on leave for one semester and will go back to work in January. He will be doing different work, though. He is going to set up a research department within the University. It is something that had been talked of for a long time but they had never really looked for a person to do it. It is a challenge for him and he is interested and excited about it. He will also be teaching one class--something he hasn't done for years.

I enjoyed the church bulletin. Ann is going to play the organ for part of the community Thanksgiving service. Other students will do the rest. We will have to stay home Thanksgiving. B will probably have to drive to Minn. because it would be so hard to get to this town any other way. He will be driving home in the night but at least can be home for Thanksgiving day. One of the other men on the team is from Iowa and B may pick him up on the way. It would be much better than traveling alone.

I must stop and get dressed. B is waiting for me to go to the store with him.

Hope both of you are fine."

                      Lots of love,


Parent preferred music, 1965

NOTES: The gist of the feature on Bob Dylan was that in the summer of '65, he was shifting from folk with a cause, to serious folk-rock, with a cause and then some.  I took my mom's advice and got a "plain guitar" eventually, playing a lot of Blowin' in the Wind, as did everyone else I knew.

What struck me, however, in this issue of Life, was the feature on UNICEF, the 1965 winner of the Nobel Peace Prize.  As younger kids, if we went Trick or Treating, it was expected that the pennies for UNICEF came first, then candy for ourselves.  This organization, and others benefitting children remained favorites of our mom throughout her lifetime.


  1. Lots to enjoy here, seeing Cher reminds me of her hit with Sonny in 1965 which is "our tune". I've mentioned before that we married in '65.

  2. Hello, David! Glad you were reminded of your tune! You must remember to play it when you celebrate your 50th!


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