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November 21, 1965 The Broken Rib, The Broken Neck, The Baby Next Door and The Very Fine Boy

Dear Mother & Daddy,

"I'm so sorry about Daddy's accident.  The Mirror explained it a little more than you did, Mother, but what caused him to fall? How did he get to the doctor? I hope, by now, the rib feels better & the cut is healing. Watch it, for the rocks around the barn would be covered with nasty germs.

B left this morning at 7:30 and things always seem so quiet when he's out of town. I don't know why I should feel lonesome, when he goes to the office everyday, but it seems different when he's a long way off.

I went to Sunday School & came home to get my basket of food. There is a dinner after church. I hadn't intended to go, but Ann was asked to play for the singing and I didn't want her to go alone.

Ann & I went to a strange church in Bloomington Friday night to an organ lesson which was conducted by a big name organist.

He is here to dedicate the church's organ and is giving a concert tonight. We would like to go but there's a program at school, too. There is also a piano recital at school this afternoon but I have to attend a church committee meeting. There is always something.

Ann went to Champaign yesterday to a Student Council convention. I almost broke my neck getting her dress done--had it all ready to hem when she came from school Friday but it was too tight. So I had to lift up the skirt. I hemmed it finally about 11:00 Friday night & she wore it Saturday. It is cute but I think I'll let the hem down an inch. The short skirts are all right for standing up but it's a different story when you sit down.

I have my dress about half done. Both dresses would probably be finished but I kept the baby next door one morning while her mother went to the store. She is real good but is a toddler & has to be watched closely. They expect another baby in Feb. and that little mother will be busy.

I have misplaced your letter so I don't know whether you asked any questions or not.

Life, November 19, 1965
Bob is still taking guitar lessons and says he's learning a lot but doesn't want to play for us. We can hear him practicing, though. He has invited three boys that he met in Florida to visit us after Xmas. One of them says he's coming but I don't know about the others. He is from Alabama but not a native. His father retired from the Army last year and is teaching in a college now. The boy has lived in Japan as well as many other places. He seems like a very fine boy.

It is rainy and cold today. We had some snow flurries on Thursday but then it turned nice again. This rain today will probably turn to snow.

I must stop and get ready to go down to the church. Take care of yourselves."

                      Lots of love,


NOTE:  Dominating the news was the black-out (5:28 p.m.) experienced by New Yorkers on November 9. I am surprised that it hasn't been mentioned in the letters because we had a lot of dinner table conversation about it. The power came back on at 4:44 a.m.

"Hotel lobbies were favored roosts."

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