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November 13, 1965 The Quiet, The Tests, The Festival, The Sweater and The Blanks

Dear Mother & Daddy,

"It is quiet around here because everyone is gone. B has gone to get his plane tickets to Minnesota. It is such a round-about business to get to this town of St. Joseph but a school car will take him to the Chicago airport. He'll fly to Minneapolis, take a bus from there to St. Cloud and the school will send a car for him. The expenses are paid but there is no pay for all the hard work involved.

Bob is taking tests this morning to send to colleges. Most of the Seniors are taking them. B took Bob & Malcolm this morning & he said kids were piling in. The University gives the tests & kids come from lots of little towns around here, too.

Ann has gone to a Music Festival at Champaign. The high school sent a bus load. She is singing in the chorus--about 12 went from each music group--band, orchestra & chorus. They join with students from over the district & then give a big concert together tonight. The bus left at 7:00 so she will be very tired tonight.

Ann's sweater is going pretty fast. I have started on the front now which is the last piece. I wanted to use up old yarn but I'm going to be disgusted if I run out.

I can't quite figure out where the Warren property meets yours or were the surveyors just working from your corner?

I didn't realize I should have written to Bessie about Thanksgiving. I hadn't heard from her but I'll write right away. I've been intending to write & send them one of Bob's senior pictures.  I'll send yours today.

Almost HS Graduation Day
We had three poses because we thought they were good but one didn't finish up too well & we wish we hadn't used it. The retouching wasn't as good as it should have been.  The glasses make it harder to do, I guess.

 Well, I've had company and now it's past noon.

Bob has his application blanks from Florida but doesn't have to hurry about them. This afternoon we plan to fill out blanks so he can enter the Westinghouse Science Talent Search  contest. That's a stiff one but if he won anything at all in it he would be pretty smart.

 He is home for lunch now so I'd better stop & feed him.

Hope you both are fine."

             Lots of love,


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