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July 18, 1965 The Puffing, The Kindest Person, The Box of Cookies and The Black Ribbon for Adlai

Dear Mother & Daddy,

"I guess summer has come.  It is so hot and humid today we are all puffing. I have worked in the basement most of the day and then in the yard for awhile. I'm giving the recreation room a cleaning from top to bottom and have the floor ready for the wax. It is so big when I do this and seems to get bigger each time.

Summer is going so fast. Yesterday I spent almost all afternoon waiting in Dr. Ball's office but I still like for him to give me my annual physical. He is so thorough and told me I am fine. He had a bad stroke a few years ago and was supposed to slow down but he looked wonderful yesterday and had delivered a baby, performed an operation, examined a dozen or so women & had another in the hospital ready to have her baby. I didn't get home till almost 7:00 and there were women still waiting to see him. He is one of the kindest persons I've ever known and the world needs more doctors like him.

I know you had a nice time at Charlotte's and I'm glad she's going to the world's fair.  How is she going? I said years ago that we were going to this fair but I guess we won't. Some people say it is wonderful. Others say it is too big to see and they didn't like this or that and everything is too expensive.

Bob seems to do real well with his writing. Several people have heard from him and from all reports, he is having quite a summer. We had a letter yesterday and he was hinting for a box of cookies. Ann had mailed a box the day before and we were glad. He said the kids shared their boxes. Ann will make some more in a few days. She makes real good ones.

I'm still trying to finish that cross-stitch tablecloth I started so long ago. I'm determined to get it done this summer so I can do some knitting in the fall but it goes so slowly when I just do a little in the evenings.

Normal is celebrating its 100th birthday this week. The celebration started today but I haven't even been to town.  Ann said people are all dressed up in old clothes.

I want to go get some black ribbon for my flag after a while. We are all sobered by Stevenson's death. He came back to Bloomington fairly often and I guess you have read about Bloomington's part in the funeral services. We will go to the community service on Monday but probably stay away from the rest. People have already been tramping over the cemetery where he'll be buried and they are begging them to stay out so it will look nice on Monday. They closed the gates to traffic but people can walk thru. Why can't people be a little more respectful?

Our University High School yearbook, 1965 dedication
We're trying to do a little extra to the house this summer. We finally ordered a walnut dining room set and ordered carpet from Sears. That means a lot of painting has to be done or ought to be. They are supposed to put the carpet down the Tuesday after Labor Day. School starts that next week but I wanted as much time as I could get so I can do the painting. We think we've found the color of paint so will get it next week.

I must stop & go to the store. I have to fix coffee for Sunday School tomorrow & haven't enough. It's too hot for coffee but it's my turn.

Hope you both are real fine."

                    Lots of love,


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