Tuesday, December 23, 2014

December 18, 1965 The Snow, The Cards, The Church Party and The Thrill

Dear Mother & Daddy,

"I haven't had your letter at all this week so I'm wondering if it is the mail or you. The weather sure isn't like Christmas even if it has tried to snow a bit.

It depends upon the weather, but we think we'll try to leave here early Friday morning so we can be home about 4:00.  We do plan to stop at Buddy's though, and that will take a while. I wish the snow would hold off till after Christmas but everyone is hoping it will snow.

I have my cards all done except one. That's to Bernadine & I want to write a letter so am waiting till I can get it done.

The church party is tomorrow evening and we are going to the country club for dinner at noon tomorrow. Ann is going to play for the caroling at the church and I have to fix some food to take so tomorrow is going to be sort of busy.

I don't have my shopping finished yet, but just about, and I'm not too happy with what I have done.

I had a letter from Charlotte and she has been as busy as a bee. She had the material and liked it.

We are all going to be home tonight, for a change. We may just watch T.V. I watched the men come down from space Thursday while I was ironing. It is still thrilling to see.

I must stop and work on my grocery list. Hope both of you are fine."

                Lots of love,


NOTE: Watch some coverage of the Gemini splashdown.

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