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December 13, 1965 The Missing Weatherman, The Old English Type Thing, The Cards and The Blue Crepe

Dear Mother & Daddy,

"We've had a rainy weekend but it is warm like October. The weatherman keeps saying it will be colder tonight but he keeps missing. It would be nice to get the Christmas shopping done while it's warm but I can't find the time. B and I went to Bloomington for a couple of hours yesterday and got some things.

Ann has started making cookies and I want to really do a lot next week if I can.

The Index, ISU, 1965

Last night we went to a Madrigal dinner at school that was simply wonderful. It is an old English type thing and 10 singers dressed in beautiful costumes sing old Christmas songs for the entertainment. Two retired teachers invited us and then we went to their home to visit afterwards. It was a wonderful evening. The night before we went to a children's play and Thurs. night was the Quill Club Christmas party. Next week is full, too, so I have a hard time squeezing in the work I ought to do.

We have had lots of cards and I've been trying to get mine addressed. There are so many to do and the ones to Japan should have gone long ago. We had a beautiful card from Teruko-san. She sent her little boy's picture.

We are helping Larsens with a coffee this afternoon. They have these parties every year and we always help. When we get home from that I have to type Bob's science paper that he's submitting to a Westinghouse contest. It's the finest contest there is, I think, so if he gets on the honor's list I would be thrilled to pieces. Top prize is a 4 year scholarship to any college in the country. Just entering the contest gets some recognition but nothing very big. It took about a month to do the information sheet on Bob & his interests and the paper won't be very easy to do with all the unfamiliar words there are in it. It is a report of his research in Florida.

Only one boy is coming to visit after Christmas.  I'm really glad since I'm so far behind with my work.

Ann has had a cold but keeps going and stays peppy enough. Polly has been sick, though, with an allergy of some kind. She is better now but has missed several days of school.

I must stop and press my dress. Faith always has blue decorations for this so I'm going to wear the blue crepe I bought at Plimmers last summer.

Take care of yourselves."

                        Lots of love,


NOTE:  I don't know the circumstances under which Teruko-san's son, Yasuhiro Omae is pictured with Louis Armstrong. The notation on the back only says, John Newman, Louis Armstrong and Yasuhiro Omae.  Another mystery to solve!

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