Sunday, December 7, 2014

August 1, 1965 The Painting, The Letters, The Poison Ivy, The Roses and The Thinker

Dear Mother & Daddy,

"I'm late writing this week because I've been painting all week and have really painted hard today. We have the living room and dining room finished, though, and the furniture in place now. We have lived in such a mess all week it feels pretty good to have part of the house straight.

We had a letter from Bob today. He writes real interesting letters but is having such an interesting time I guess he has lots to tell. They should be at Cape Kennedy this weekend if they went as planned. We will be going after him before long and by next week we should be able to tell you when we hope to come to Richland. I guess Bob won't get to come if he goes to Wisconsin with Malcolm but he can't do everything.

It has been wonderfully cool except for 2 days while I've been painting. We've had a nice summer even if it has been such a busy one. We have been buying homegrown tomatoes from the man we always buy from. Tomatoes are still 35¢ a lb. in the store--too bad you can't sell them a carload. I put some cherry tomato plants in a flower bed and they have several green ones on them & lots of blooms now. The kids always liked them so well.

Ann is still babysitting every afternoon and has had two paychecks. The baby is about 8 months old and cute as can be. They get along fine.

Ann has been so excited the last two days. Some of her friends that she made in music camp sent her a dozen red roses for an early birthday present. They knew she'd be gone probably on her birthday and sent them early so she'd have them before we leave for Florida. They are simply beautiful and I don't blame her for being excited.

Her poison ivy is all gone and didn't bother her much except when it itched and was ugly looking.

I guess I'd better stop and go to bed. This isn't much of a letter but my thinker doesn't work too well tonight--too much paint.  Maybe I'll do better next week.  Hope all of you are fine."

                  Lots of love,


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