Tuesday, November 18, 2014

May 8, 1965 The Beautiful Morning, The Headless Birds, The Calendar, A Few Stitches and The 20 Shirts

Dear Mother & Daddy,

"I wanted to mail this early so you'd have it before Mother's Day but if you are going to Buddy's you won't be home to get it anyway.  I'm so glad you are going and I hope both of you will have a real nice day.  Your package should have arrived by now, Mother.

This is a beautiful morning.  B and the children haven't been gone long and the house is quiet but the birds are singing their heads off.  Tulips are out and the lilacs and iris are beginning to pop out.  I love this time of the year.  We had a lot more rain night before last though, and the farmers are getting pretty upset.  If things don't dry up soon they won't have anything this year.

It seems as if school is practically out.  The calendar is getting so full and there are so many things to do. I went to a women's banquet last night.  The high school has a music program tonight and Ann is singing in the chorus so we want to go to that. Tomorrow night the young people at the church are having a party and Ann has been working on that.  Bob is still playing golf almost every afternoon and dreaming of Florida. We asked him if he thought he'd get homesick and he was disgusted at us for thinking about it.  He should be kept too busy really, but one can't tell about such things.  He will spend 6 hours every day in research.  Then there are classes, lectures and field trips.  If there is any free time he wants to do some collecting of shells and such so he already has his time planned. We hope it will be a happy time for him and if the teachers are good it will be. I guess we'll let him go to Wisconsin with Malcolm after he comes home from Florida.  They all want him to go so badly. My head begins to whirl when I try to figure out how we're going to get him and Ann everywhere. Yet, I know we will do it someway.

A seven member committee has been set up to replace Art.  I hope they get busy in a hurry but sometimes they are so slow--especially if they have different ideas about how it should be done.

I've been cross stitching on a lunch cloth that I've had for about two years. Everyday I do a few stitches and I'd like to get it finished and out of the way.  I made Ann another dress and have one cut out.

Yesterday I ironed almost all day long. There were 20 shirts and I thought I'd never finish.  Bob has started to wear knit ones now so that will help. There were more than usual because the weather has been so crazy.  Bob would want a long sleeved shirt one day and a short one the next.

I'd better get to work.  The dust is thick since we opened the windows.

Hope you both are fine and have a nice weekend."

                     Lots of love,



  1. The 60's were my favorite years, I married in the Sept.and the music was so good. It's interesting to read what someone else was doing in those times.
    Cross stitching and quilt making seems to be very strong and popular in America, is that the case? Or have I been watching too many episodes of The Waltons? :)

  2. Hand-crafting of all types was popular in the 60's, but not necessarily quilting and cross stitching. Those were hobbies my mother had since her childhood. More popular were textile crafts such using tie-dye, batik and felt. Yes, it's possible that you've watched too much of the Waltons! Maybe I watch too much Doc Martin and Keeping Up Appearances:-) Thanks for reading and for your comments! I look forward to your installment of your "memoirs".


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