Monday, November 24, 2014

May 29, 1965 The Pot, The Club, The Awards, The Weeds and The Beautiful Cake

Dear Mother & Daddy,

"I have a pot of soup on to cook and while I watch it I'll write my letter.  This is really soup weather. The sun finally decided to shine but it is cold.  Bob even said it was too cold to mow the lawn yesterday afternoon but I went to a dinner last night and the lawn is mowed.  I don't know whether Bob or B did if after I left.

Quill Club had a dinner meeting last night and one charter member came from Joplin, Mo. to attend it.  She has palsy so bad and looks so terrible but still writes. The club is over 40 years old.  There are still two charter members and one of them gave a little history of it.  Both of them told some funny things that happened.

Wednesday was Awards Day for the high school.  This is the time when the students get recognized before the whole school for outstanding achievements. Ann was recognized for her accompaniment on the piano for the violin, and for the girls' vocal group.  Those two things were in the music contest that I told you about earlier this spring.  Bob was recognized for his science paper and for winning his scholarship in Florida and then won the Blanche McAvoy award (a silver metal) which is given to the best biology student.  He was surprised and real happy.

I sent Jerry some money for his birthday and have wondered ever since if he is at home.  I sent it to Columbia.

We won't be in Florida but one day probably--just long enough to get Bob situated for B has to be at work Monday, the 21st.  That is registration day and he says he has to be there.  I wish we didn't have to hurry so much but there isn't anything we can do about it.

Maybe I can finish this without stopping again.  I've been outside pulling weeds and got the flower bed at the end of the garage cleaned out.  My muscles ache now and I feel so stiff because I seem to never find time to work in the yard.  It is much better to do a little every day.

B is giving a graduation talk at Girard, Illinois tonight so he will have to have an early supper.

Bob's Junior-Senior banquet and prom is tomorrow night.  He has rented a formal outfit to wear. Wouldn't you like to slip in and see all of them dressed up?

B & I went to the nicest party Tuesday afternoon.  It was a tea for one of our German professors (a young man) who became an American citizen that day.  He took his last oath in Peoria and came straight to the party.  His wife is Polish and has had her American citizenship for quite a while.  The woman who gave the tea has been acting head of the foreign language department.  She served ice cream, cake & punch.  The table was decorated in red, white & blue and the cake was white with a big flag (frosting) on top.  It was just beautiful.

This about all the news so I'll say bye for now."

                        Lots of love,


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  1. The prom tradition has really caught on in Britain, 2 of my grandchildren have been to theirs. In a couple of years the next one will be wanting her "Prom Dress"!!
    Enjoyable as usual.


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