Saturday, November 22, 2014

May 21, 1965 The Fairly Calm Week, The Complicated Travel, The Duets and The Ladies Night

Dear Mother & Daddy,

"We have been having some beautiful days but rain is predicted. I tried to pull weeds yesterday but didn't make a dent in them.  This has been a fairly calm week and I've spent most of it washing and ironing--washed a lot of quilts and extras.

I've also been trying to get Bob's clothes organized.  He gets aggravated when I ask him about taking care of things for himself this summer but I wonder how many sox will be missing when he gets back. He is getting excited about it and got a big envelope of information yesterday.  He checks in at the dormitory on Sunday, June 20.  We plan to take him but haven't decided about getting him home. He has to take his own bedding & towels and wants to take a lot of books so it makes travel a little complicated.

Ann's organ recital was real nice.  She played a duet with her teacher--Ann on the organ and the teacher on the piano--and then a long, hard piece on the pipe organ.  She is enjoying her piano lessons, too.  Yesterday she came home late and happy. She and the teacher have been playing duets and apparently having a wonderful time.

Our church had a Mother-Daughter banquet this week but we didn't go because Ann had to be a guide at an open house.  They invited the public to see the new high school and she said a lot of people came.

No, we don't have all our teachers but they hire some almost every day.  B has been interviewing so many I can't keep up. There will probably be about 100 new ones next fall.

Our yard looks pretty in spite of the weeds.  The iris are blooming and the peonies are about ready to pop open.  One bush is about finished.

We are going to a dinner tonight and maybe an open house afterwards.  It is Ladies Night for the men's club B belongs to. He has been president this year and this is their last meeting. He will be glad to be rid of that job.  The social science department is having the open house.  I said we couldn't come but they said if the dinner was over in time to come by for a cup of coffee so I don't know whether we will or not.

I must stop and see what I can stir up for lunch.  Since the children take their lunches now B & I don't fix much.  We eat leftovers.

Hope both of you are fine."

                             Lots of love,


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