Thursday, November 20, 2014

May 16, 1965 The Library People, The Ride, The ISU Prom and The Doll Collection

Dear Mother & Daddy,

"Everyone is gone and I'm waiting to be picked up to go to a Pen Women meeting in Lincoln.  It is about 35 miles from here.  B had to interview someone for a job and then goes to a luncheon for some library people.  Bob has gone to the Indiana Sand Dunes with the Science Club and won't be back till late tonight.  They left at 6:00 so we got up pretty early but I went back to bed.  Ann has gone to get a friend to go with her to get a license for her bicycle.  She'll be on her own for awhile today and B should be home by early afternoon and I hope to be back by 4:00.

We still subscribe to Consumer's Report and this year it was B's turn to take care of the group subscription if there are 10 paid ones.  He sent your name in for the free one so you'll be getting it for a year.  I don't know when it will start.

Well, my ride came and I am back.  Ann has gone to organ and I'll walk to the church after awhile. Her recital is tomorrow.  I wish you could be here.

We are so glad you had such a nice time in St. Louis.  I had wondered how you were going.

Bob and Malcolm have their plans made for Bob to get to Wisconsin.  We'll take him to Chicago and he can take a train within 2 miles of the village.  Rosses had told him they'd meet him anywhere if he could get close by train.  They will take his fishing clothes and gear when they go and he won't have much to worry with on the train.

I'm still sewing. Made Ann a dress and myself a formal.  We go to the Jr.-Sr. prom tonight.  I tore up an old formal and made it over, really.  It turned out pretty well.

 Now I have to start thinking about Ann's Class Night dress.  I have the material--white lace over green taffeta.

We have been somewhere almost every night this week but I was home in the daytime most of the time. I did go to a luncheon on Thursday. It was the As You Like It guest day and Mrs. Bone talked about her doll collection.  She has several hundred dolls that are very valuable and it was real interesting.

It is hot today but windy.  Things are growing so fast--especially the weeds.  I haven't pulled any because they ruin by hands and we've been on the go so much.  I really haven't had any time, anyway.

I hope both of you are fine."

                          Lots of love,


And the last slow dance...

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