Sunday, November 16, 2014

May 1, 1965 The Shirt, The Underwear, The Lawn, The Windows and The Workshop

Dear Mother & Daddy,

"B was real happy with the shirt.  It is a very nice one and he needed it.  Seems as if he never has enough shirts and ties.  I got him some underwear for he never has enough of that either.

We are beginning to think of Bob's clothes for the summer.  It is going to be interesting to see how he manages his own things for a while.  We haven't heard any more from the school but May 1 was the final day for acceptance of the scholarships so they are probably waiting to get the final list of students made before sending out more information. They will probably make suggestions about clothes--what they'll be expected to wear to class and such. We tried to make a list of things last night while Bob was home.  It is so hard to find a time to sit down and talk when he doesn't have to be reading or something else. He plays golf at school most every afternoon and they stay till dark. It is good for him to be out and I'm glad he likes it.

We finally had a wonderful, warm day yesterday and I opened up the house.  B mowed the lawn and things look better.  Things had either been too wet or it was raining and the grass was pretty tall.  He's washing windows today.

I'm going to a Writer's Workshop but sure don't want to.  I haven't ironed this week and need to stay at home.

I didn't know Aunt Nora was even in the hospital until we read the Mirror.  She must really be relieved now that they didn't find cancer.

Ann will go to music camp for the first two weeks after school is out and then she wants to visit Virginia Rose in Cincinnati.  We hope we can take her some weekend and let her come home on the train or fly. We haven't worked out the details but she's planning big on it.  She plays the guitar now only once in awhile. Won't things be quiet around here.  Bob will be in Florida for 8 weeks.

I must stop.  It is time to go to the workshop.  Thanks again for B's shirt and hope you are both fine."

                      Lots of love,


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