Wednesday, November 26, 2014

June 5, 1965 The Typhoid Booster, The Peculiar Day, The Joplin Friend and I've Got a Secret

Dear Mother & Daddy,

"Today is a beautiful day but humid.  We have had so much rain and more is coming.  The storms come up so fast and everything is soaked in a few minutes.  It sure makes weeds easy to pull and I've been at them a little at a time.  I suppose I'll have to start at the beginning again by the time I finish.

Ann had to have a health certificate signed by the Dr. for camp so while we were doing that we had a typhoid booster shot.  Now I have a sore arm but it will be gone in a few days.  Last year we had to have the full series of 3 and they have to be exactly a week apart.  It is a nuisance when there are so many things to do so we just thought we'd keep the immunity by getting the one booster every spring. Bob has had his and B has gone to get one.

We didn't do a thing Memorial Day except go to church.  Lots of the stores were closed on Monday and that was like a holiday except schools were all in session. It was kind of a peculiar day.

Ann stayed all night with Polly last night and is going to a picnic this afternoon. The chorus sings tomorrow at Baccalaureate so she has a busy weekend.  We had not expected the typhoid shot to get sore and she called me from Polly's last night to tell me her arm hurt.  I told her mine did too and she seemed to feel better.  I think she was wondering if she was imagining it.

Jim Wheeler is teaching in Tuscaloosa, Alabama this summer and they wanted us to stop on our way to Florida.  Our dates don't gibe though, so we won't see them. It would have been nice.  I think they still own a house there.  They had built a new one just before they moved to New Jersey.

My Joplin friend writes for children--plays and stories.  She said her family gave her an electric typewriter and that was easier.  I don't see how she does anything really.  She has Parkinson's disease and walks very stiff-like but shakes constantly.  Someone told me she had to walk like that to keep her balance.  Her mind is keen but it is pitiful to see her like this.

I didn't see the "I've Got a Secret" but Bob did.  One of the men from Bloomington is president of State Farm Insurance and I've forgotten who the other one was. There was some news of it in the paper.

Enjoy your garden while you have it.  A friend gave us some lettuce the other day and it was delicious--especially when lettuce is 45¢ a head.  Isn't that silly?

I'm about ready to quit my sewing for awhile.  I have one more dress cut for Ann and then I'm going to rest awhile.  I have some material for myself but am so sick of it and there are other things that have to be done--such as housecleaning. Some of the woodwork will have to be painted or patched and I haven't decided yet about it.

Hope you both are fine."

                Lots of love,


NOTE:  I don't recall the episode of "I've Got a Secret", but watch futurist Ray Kurzweil as a teenager in another 1965 segment:


  1. I enjoyed the video on this one, strange to think that 49 years later I should be able to watch this clip on my PC.

  2. I wonder what the next generation will be watching, and by what means!


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