Sunday, November 30, 2014

June 27, 1965 The Shutter, The Three Girls, The Umbrella, The Paint and The White Shoes

Dear Mother & Daddy,

"This has seemed like a strange week without the children.  We haven't heard from Bob but have seen Ann three times and she called up once.  She ran into a shutter on the cabin and knocked herself out the day before we got home.  They took her to the Dr. and he told her to stay quiet so she hasn't done much of anything.  She didn't want to come home so we didn't insist.

The three girls that visited Ann summer before last were at the University all week for a cheer leaders' clinic and we took them out to see Ann one evening.  They were so happy to see us.  I think they were homesick.

It seems like a month since we took Bob to Florida.  We had expected it to be so hot but the weather was wonderfully cool.  It rained some almost every day and the Florida newsmen spent a lot of their time talking about the rain.  We ended up by buying Bob an umbrella.  Can you imagine him carrying an umbrella?  All the men had them and we decided a raincoat would be so hot.  We stayed in a motel close to the University.  It has a beautiful campus--lots of new buildings and more going up.  The town is like any college town so we felt pretty much at home.  I think Bob liked what he saw.  The son of the institute director is about Bob's age and he took him through some of the buildings one evening.  Bob liked that and came back to the motel excited about it all.  We left him in bed Saturday morning when we started home.  I'm sure he was fine but how I hated to go off and leave him alone! Some of his friends have had letters from him that he wrote that day and he sounded as if he was perfectly happy.  He was going swimming and probably enjoying every minute of doing just as he pleased, for once.  Malcolm was here last night with a letter he'd had.

This is Sat. morning and I've been painting--did the inside of the shower and another door frame.  I used an epoxy enamel in the shower.  It sure looks pretty but the fumes are awful.

We are going after Ann soon after lunch.  They have a concert for parents and then the camp is over. I hope she sings in the choruses.  She had some piano lessons but that is about all she has done.

We are going to potluck supper tonight and I have to take the meat.  That's always the hardest thing but I have it about ready.  I'm fixing barbecue beef b a recipe Mabel gave me long ago.

The stores are beginning to have sales of summer goods so I looked for some white shoes yesterday but couldn't get fitted.  I haven't had any white shoes in a long time.

I'm glad Daddy liked the u-wear and shirt.  I was a little worried about the size for I wasn't sure.

This is my third attempt to write this letter.

We heard from Bob and he's so happy with his work and the laboratory--has been working in the analytical geochem lab--whatever that may be.  He said the food was good and the kids were all fun and real smart.

I will stop so we can get this mailed.  We have Ann at home again and we are all fine.  Hope you are too."

                        Lots of love,



  1. Lots of interest in this one Ann. 1965 was the year we got married and my wife Carole always wore shoes just like the ones you show. They made her look very pretty but now she has a badly shaped big toe, probably caused by those shoes?

  2. David, you have an anniversary approaching! And quite a special one at that! Those shoes, although very lovely, did not do our feet any favors. In spite of her feet, Carole has obviously kept up with you for nearly 50 years:-)

    Have a great week and thanks so much for your comments, as always!


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