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June 12, 1965 The Cardiogram, The Happy Occasion, The Camps and The Alumni Luncheon

Dear Mother & Daddy,

"This has been a terribly busy week since it is the last one of the school year and I will be glad when this day is finished.  The last week is always full but one of our best friends died of a heart attack Monday afternoon and that hit all of us so hard. It was not the first attach but he had been checked by the doctor only last week and the cardiogram was very good.  He was our head librarian and had done so much for our school since he came six years ago.  They belonged to our potluck group.  Their oldest child is Ann's age & there are two younger.  They are a wonderful family and have accepted it all with faith and few tears.  I could not do it.

We are going to a wedding reception tonight and that will be a happy occasion. The girl is one of our teachers and the groom has been hired to teach next year. She is a young widow with 4 little boys and the man is a bachelor.  We are all so very happy about it.

All of the kids are so glad that school is out.  They were just plain tired.  The seniors gave their program Thursday night and last night was graduation.  It was a beautiful evening and the service was held outdoors.

I have been putting the kids' names on sheets and things they take with them.  We take Ann out to the camp at Lake Bloomington tomorrow afternoon.  Her address will be:

            Illinois Wesleyan Summer Music Camp
            East Bay Camp
            Rural Route 1
            Hudson, Ill.

She will be there two weeks.  We will start to Florida early Tuesday morning.  We'll try to write a card or two.  Bob's address will be:

             High School Science Student Institute
             Bryan Hall
             Florida State University
             Tallahassee, Florida

He will be there until August 13.

I've been all morning trying to write this.  It's about time for me to dress to go to school to the alumni luncheon.  I didn't go to the college graduation but will go to this since so many former students come back.  One of my Pen Women friends always comes.  She graduated in 1904--has to come on the bus from Decatur and I don't know how old she is.

Hope both of you are fine."

                              Lots of love,



  1. The more I read these letters, the more I sometimes wish we could turn the clock back. There is an order and gentleness about the correspondence.

    But we have to look forward - and appreciate our past.

  2. Thank you for your comment, Mike. There was truly an order and gentleness to childhood that we would all like to reclaim. You are correct however, that we need to look forward.

  3. I found this entry interesting and the illustration at the top is delightful.

  4. David, thanks for your comment. I liked that illustration as well. It's another from a Ladies Home Journal magazine, 1965. I try and use images from the month and year of each post.


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