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April 3, 1965 The Nasty Weather, The Excited Kids, The New Piano, The Dropouts and The Steak

Dear Mother & Daddy,

"It doesn't seem possible that we were in Missouri just a week ago.  We were so glad we got to see all of you.  The weather is still trying to be nasty.  There was some fine snow yesterday and B says it is real cold outside today.

The kids have been excited all week because they are moving into the new high school building. They didn't go to school at all yesterday so the last minute things could be moved and will go to the new building Monday.  We have P.T.A. there Tuesday night so we'll get to see it right away.

The deadline for Bob's science paper to the Ford contest was Wed. so we worked like fury to get it typed and mailed on time.  We mailed it Tuesday about 5:00.  It shouldn't be too long before he hears from the summer institutes.  They notify each applicant even if they don't win the scholarships.

I'll have to wait awhile longer for my dining room furniture I guess.  We bought Ann a new piano. Ours was simply worn out and she couldn't do much on it.  The store took it in the trade.  We let Ann choose between a spinet and a school-type piano (which is a small upright).  She chose the school piano because it makes the best music.  It is very plain and dark walnut but sounds beautiful. We put it in the study.

I'll keep looking for dining room furniture and maybe I'll find something we like and can afford before summer is over.  We stopped at a furniture store in St. Louis as we came home last week--just to look.  They had a gorgeous dining room set on sale for $1300.  If it had been half that much I'd have been tempted but the original price for the buffet alone had been over $700.  Isn't that awful?  The clerk was very, very nice--not a bit uppity, as they are sometimes in these places.  This was Bly-Moss.  I know you have seen their ads.

We have to go to a college musical this afternoon and I have to make coffee for the Sunday School tomorrow morning.

I went to As You Like It Club Thursday and the review was real good--The Dropouts.  I have to be president next year.  It is my turn so I couldn't refuse.

It is about lunch time and I haven't even done my week-end shopping so I'd better stop.  Ann had a gang of kids here yesterday working on some school posters so I had to stay around.  They came at 1:00 and didn't leave till 6:00 and then B had to have the car.  He spent all day with a man applying for a job here and didn't get home until about 8:30.  The man is from Texas but grew up in Illinois.  I hope they hire him for they have looked a year for the right person.

We really enjoyed the steak, and the pickles of course, they are all gone.  I haven't opened the jelly yet.  I broiled the sirloin & Bob said it was the best he'd ever eaten--so tender.

Hope you both are fine."

                     Lots of love,


NOTE:  The B/W images are from The Clarion, the U High yearbook.  1965 marked the 100th year for the school and it was exciting to move from the heart of the ISU campus to a brand new building. A lot of mischief took place on the high school construction site prior to its completion.  I'll wait and see if Mom mentions anything.

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