Friday, November 14, 2014

April 26, 1965 The Sleep, The Rising River, The Library, The Make-Up and The Brunch Table

Dear Mother & Daddy,

"I'm so sleepy I can hardly see.  I feel as if I'd lost a lot more than one little hour last night.  We had potluck last night but came home earlier than usual because of the time change.  It is cloudy too and that makes me sleepy.  We are still having lots of rain and the grass needs to be mowed but it's too wet.

Bob went upstairs to read some Shakespeare and went to sleep on it. He went with a bunch of Scouts on an overnight canoe trip yesterday.  It was raining when they left but they went anyway.  They went down on the Vermillion River and camped in a campground overnight in tents.  The river rose 5 ft. overnight so they just came home--too much junk in the river and it was up so much they couldn't tell where the channel was.  I was glad to see them come home. There were 10 and the Scoutmaster and they had a good time.

Easter was a nice day even if it was partly cloudy.  We all went to church and then went out to eat.  That was a surprise and a treat. We just loafed the rest of the day. Several children were baptized at church that morning during the regular service.

Ann and I bought some material for her some summer clothes and I've started sewing on them when I can.  I made one blouse and have a skirt cut out.  I've also been letting out hems and fixing over last year's things.

Wed. night B & I went to a library dinner and then toured the library.  They showed us every nook and corner of it and I was worn out when we finished but enjoyed it.

Thursday night I went to an Education Wives meeting and we had a program on cosmetics.  The woman fixed up some of the girls with eye make-up and new colors of lipstick, false eyelashes and such.  That was fun.

Saturday morning I had to decorate my table for the Faculty Women's Club brunch.  I used apricot tree blossoms for the centerpiece with some dolls and Japanese dishes.  Then I went dressed in my kimono.  They must have had 30 tables decorated with things from different countries.  It was very interesting.

I wish you could go to St. Louis on Mother's Day.  In our church we have a service of dedication for children too.  It is really a promise of the parents to raise the child in a Christian way.

Bob finally accepted the Florida science project.  He was accepted by all three and the one in Washington was a real honor.  They take 30 students only.  20 of those are from the Washington area so he was one of the special ones.  Malcolm still wants him to go to Wisconsin with him after the Florida thing but it's a problem to get their plans all to jell.

Yes, Art is sick.  He has Multiple Sclerosis but mildly and it can be arrested if he slows down.  He will continue at the University with an easier job but may take a leave in the fall so he can gain some strength back first.

Those Ag boys can really cook!

We have to go to an agriculture department dinner this evening.  B has to give a little welcome speech for the visitors so I'd better get my suit pressed."

               Lots of love,



  1. Another varied insight into life. It feels strange reading these communications meant for someone else but I do find them interesting.

  2. Perhaps my grandmother saved all of these letters thinking that they might be of interest to others in the future! I like to think so!


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