Wednesday, November 12, 2014

April 18, 1965 The Book, The Vacation, The Grants, The Green Grass and The Anniversary

Dear Mother & Daddy,

"I'm glad you liked the book, Mother.  I'd like to have snitched and read it but it takes me so long to finish a book.

The kids have been on vacation but the weather has been miserable.  Bob and his friends have gone fishing three or four times anyway but haven't caught anything. The sun was out yesterday and today but the wind is so cold.

I don't see why you bother to do all the cleaning if you can't tell when you have finished.  Now in my house, you could really tell!  Too much will be going on from now till school's out.

Art has resigned and will take an easier job at school after Sept. 1.  A committee is being set up to find a replacement for him.  B's work is going to be awfully heavy until they fill the job.

Bob has been accepted at two places for the science program and hasn't heard yet from Seattle, Washington.  The grants were made on the 15th and his letter from Cape Girardeau came that day. The one from Florida came today.  He is really happy and plans to accept the Florida one.  He watched for the postman every day till they came.

This hasn't been much of a vacation week for me.  I made Ann a knit suit, went to As You Like It Club, went to a brunch, and had Quill Club here.

Tomorrow is Easter.  I hope it will be a sunny day and a nice day for both of you. We haven't planned anything extra.  We kept thinking we'd go somewhere today--maybe a State Park or something like that--but the weather stayed so miserable we decided it wouldn't be any fun.

The grass is real green but leaves on the bushes are still in tight buds.

Our wedding anniversary was Tuesday--24 years, can you believe it?  It has gone terribly fast.

Hope you both are real fine."

                    Lots of love,



  1. "I don't see why you bother to do all the cleaning if you can't tell when you have finished" - that made me smile!

  2. Another pleasant insight into daily life. Particularly interested as we got married in 1965; 49 years ago!!!
    Next year is the biggy!

  3. Hello, Mike! I also got a chuckle from that remark!

    David, next year you must have a big, special occasion to mark your 50th! That's fabulous and definitely a "biggy"!


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