Saturday, October 4, 2014

November 29, 1964 The Rather Quiet Thanksgiving, The Never Ending Conversations, The Hiking Scouts, The Xmas Ideas and The Caviar

Dear Mother & Daddy,

"This long weekend has us all a little mixed up.  We slept late this morning so we were late all day then.  It is nice to have had the extra time.  The offices were closed yesterday so B had some time of his own, too.

Thanksgiving day was rather quiet.  We had the day to ourselves since the kids' friends had gone out of town.  We had a little turkey (and are still having it) with the other usual things.  I had to get up fairly early to put the turkey in the oven so I just stayed up.

Ann stayed all night with a friend last night and is spending tonight on the telephone. These kids never get finished with their conversations.

Bob went on a hike with the Scouts on Friday & I had to get up early again to get him off.  They went down toward Urbana & walked a 16 mile trail.

B & I tried to do a little Xmas shopping yesterday. I think everyone else wanted to do the same thing. The stores were full of people.  Most of the stores had advertised sales after Thanksgiving & maybe that made a difference.  I looked for a coat but didn't find one.

I'm afraid I can't help you much with Xmas ideas. Bob said he'd think about it.  Ann says she needs a billfold.  B needs pajamas (C) or he has been wanting some shoe trees (Large).  I need stationary or would like a pretty scarf or handkerchief.  What size shirt does Jerry wear?  I don't know that I'll get him one but I can't think of anything else right now.  Does Charlotte need anything for her new apartment?  What color is her bathroom?  I sure wish you'd give me some ideas for Daddy.  If you don't I may have to give him an orange and a bag of hard candy.

We would like a bowl of ripe tomatoes, too.  They sure sound good & yours are probably better than the ones we could get in the store.

Bob doesn't work in his lab much anymore.  He does so much of it at school & of course they have so much more to work with than he does here at home.  He works with his fish quite a bit & has a real nice aquarium set up in the basement--has a big bunch of little fish & wants to get some egg laying fish.  He's never raised any from eggs.

It is bedtime so I'd better stop now.  I hope you both are fine by now."

                    Lots of love,


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