Monday, October 13, 2014

January 2, 1965 The Fish, The Dinner, The Guitar and The Coat

Dear Mother & Daddy,

"It is so quiet around here.  Ann is at a friend's house.  B's at the office and Bob has gone to the pet shop.  He keeps getting more fish--says he has a plan for making some money.  Maybe he thinks he can raise fish.

We have really loafed the last two days.  Our New Year's Eve dinner was real nice but we sure had a lot of work to get ready for it.  B showed our slides and everyone enjoyed them.

None of us got up very early the last two days and so no one wanted to do a thing yesterday.  It poured rain all day long.  We had to go to an open house for a few minutes and we sure hated to dress up but I guess it didn't hurt us.

B and I have been downtown a little while and I finally bought a coat.  It is green with a small fur collar and quite pretty.  I was beginning to feel shabby in my old coat but it has really been a good one.

Ann's guitar still hasn't come and she is getting anxious.  I feel bad about it but she says she'll wait till it comes.  She got her braces off on Wed. and doesn't have to go to the dentist again for a month. Her teeth look so pretty and she is proud of them.  He moved them back about 3/8 inch.  It doesn't seem possible but the impressions showed it.

It seems so long since we were home.  We enjoyed it so much even if it was awfully short.

One evening this week we visited with some friends who went to Africa last summer.  They invited us to come & see their slides.  The woman's sister is in Southern Rhodesia & they were there.  The pictures were real interesting.

I must stop & iron some shirts.  Bob says he is out & I suppose he is since I haven't ironed this week.

Hope you all are fine."

                        Lots of love,



  1. How time flies ... Interesting as ever. The mention of Rhodesia made me remember a friend who went to join the police over there. I wonder what happened to him, we lost touch.

  2. Rhodesia had such an interesting and troubled political history it does make me wonder what your friend had in mind at the time!

    Thanks, as usual, for your comment!


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