Wednesday, October 15, 2014

January 10, 1965 The Doorbell, The Four Families, The Dining Room Set, The Pattern and The Things

Dear Mother & Daddy,

"I'm slow this week and this doesn't seem like Sunday for we didn't get up in time to go to Sunday School.  Polly woke me up at 9:25 when she rang the doorbell. She always goes with us or calls to tell us she won't be going.  We went to Bone's last night to their annual Swedish New Year party.

There are four families and we all play games together.  We always have so much fun we can't get the kids to come home and last night it was almost 2:00. The adults were all worn out but the kids were all going strong when we finally got all of the decorations off their Christmas tree.  Sometimes we sing carols but it was so late we sang Auld lang syne ( I can't even spell it) & came home.

B is on his way to Muncie, Indiana for a meeting in the President's place.  His aunt is not expected to live & he didn't want to leave town so asked B to go for him.  It is a beautiful, bright day so it will be a nice drive.  He'll be home Tuesday evening.

I haven't found any kind of pattern for your suit, but I didn't look in McCall's or Simplicity for I knew you could get them.  I have a basic suit pattern that is real old but I know it would be too small for you.

B & I drove to Lammerts yesterday, too, so we had a full day.  It was the last chance for weeks that we could go on Saturday but the weather forecast had been so bad we didn't know till Sat. morning whether we'd go or not.  We got up early & the weather looked o.k. so we left the kids in bed & went. Lammerts is just across Veterans Bridge so we went there & to one more wholesale place & we started back home by 11:00.  Lammerts had one dining room set we liked but it was too big for our house the way it was displayed & we have to think about it awhile.  I liked it all but the chairs--the backs were so high.  The discount wasn't as much as we expected and we can probably do as well in Chicago.

Ann is starting piano lessons again and has her first one with a new teacher Wed. after school.  The teacher is on our college music staff so should be good.  Ann's chorus director wanted her to take lessons again so badly that he made all of the arrangements for the teacher.  We hope Ann will make the most of it.

I rearranged the study last week so I could find a place for my file cabinet and spent two days cleaning out junk & papers I have saved.  Things certainly accumulate.

Hope you both are fine."

                Lots of love,


NOTES:  Lammerts Furniture, founded in 1897:

The traditional celebration of St. Knut's day involves lots of games, eating, un-decorating the Christmas tree, and then sweeping the guests out the door with the needles.  Great fun!


  1. Wonderful - real family history.

  2. Thank you, Mike. The history is pretty ordinary in '65:-) but it's very real to me as it seems like yesterday!

  3. A very relaxed and enjoyable item. I like the matter of fact way the letters are written and yet they tell such a clear story.

  4. Thank you, David. The letters are indeed matter of fact, no matter what the subject! I appreciate your comment!


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