Thursday, October 23, 2014

February 6, 1965 Muddy & Dirty, Busy & Mixed Up, Chills & Fever and B Is Disgusted

Dear Mother & Daddy,

"We've had a break in the cold weather at last and the weather man says it may get close to 50° today.  I'll have to see it to believe it for it sounds too good.  Things are awfully muddy & dirty now.  My hall rug looks awful after Bob came in yesterday.

This has been a busy and mixed up week.  B's schedule is always so mixed up when a new term begins but there are a lot of things to do whether one eats lunch at noon or not. He is working in the office all day today.

Bob has gone to play basketball.  It is part of their school work but they don't really have to do it.  We're glad he goes for he needs the exercise as well as the good fun.  He has applied for one of the summer science programs but we don't know, of course, whether he'll get to go or not.  We inquired about a dozen different ones and the information is beginning to trickle in.  So far, there is only one he's interested in and that is near Hartford, Conn.  If he doesn't go to one of them he'll just go to summer school, but his science teacher always encourages him to apply for everything.

Ann is still in bed.  She has a flu bug I guess.  It started with chills and fever and she feels rotten.  She was so determined to go to school at noon yesterday because she had been elected to student council and they had a meeting then.  She got all ready to go but I took her temperature and she had to stay home.  It was down last night so maybe she'll be all right today.  This thing is going right thru all the schools in town.

I haven't done much of anything around the house this week.  It seems that I have had a million little things and didn't even get to Bloomington on Dollar Day.

I have started the front of my sweater but it sure does slow.  We had a writers' workshop Tuesday and I took it with me and knitted while I listened.  I keep thinking I'll find some time to write but there is always so much to do and some of the things aggravate me so.  I gave a program on Greece for our preacher Monday night and didn't want to do it at all.  It went off real well and he was so grateful it made me ashamed.  It takes so long to get one together if it is done right but most people think there isn't anything to it.  He offered me a check but I didn't want that and I don't even know how much it was.

The timer on my dishwasher is broken so I've been doing dishes again.  B is disgusted because we have to buy the whole timer when all he needs is a little part to fix it.

I'm glad Daddy's chair is so nice.  Both of you be real careful this winter and don't take the flu."

                     Lots of love,



  1. Another very enjoyable entry to your blog. The writings remind me of the TV series "The Waltons" which I thoroughly enjoyed. I hope that hasn't offended you? Maybe you people weren't too keen on those programs but over here in the UK I can tell you they were very popular.
    Your writings have the same easy going family style that I enjoyed in the TV shows.

  2. Thank you, David! I didn't watch the Waltons often, but it was quite popular in the US for several years and through re-runs as well. I am not at all offended because the Waltons were portrayed as a strong, kind, honest and generous family! My mother wrote these letters as if she was talking to my grandmother and so yes, they do have an easy going family style. I appreciate your comments.


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