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December 5, 1964 Snow & Ice, 22 Shirts, Christmas Ideas and Catching Up

Dear Mother & Daddy,

"This is quite a day.  Everything is covered in snow & ice and lots of the schools are closed.  I think it has stopped snowing but the wind is blowing.  We've had some pretty cold weather, too.

Thanks for the Christmas ideas.  If Jerry has 22 shirts he shouldn't need anymore for a long time but I guess he has to have a lot if Beulah does his laundry for him.  From the way she wrote I think he takes his dirty clothes home each time. I ordered him some gloves today.  I was tempted to get pajamas for I think he'd use them but remembered that he said last year he didn't want pajamas.  I did order Charlotte pajamas but it they don't come I'll probably get a sheet.

If things go as we plan now, we will drive home Christmas Eve and get there in time for supper.  B's mother may not plan the usual Xmas Eve party, but then I'm sure she will since it means so much to her.   We will have to come back on Sunday.  It is awfully short but better than nothing.  B's work is a little better since Art goes to the office every morning but he's a long way from being well and B still carries all the extra work.

Polly & Ann are still good friends but they have other friends too and aren't together quite so much. Polly goes to church with us every Sunday.  Her mother fell over the sweeper and broke two toes the other day.  She has to decorate tables for a big Masonic dinner tomorrow night and had red brocade for a dress. Polly said the only shoes she could wear are her old tennis shoes.  I have laughed every time I think of the dress & shoes together, even if I do feel sorry for her.  I suggested she get some gold house slippers & I think she'd look fine.

I'm still sewing on my formal.  It is too big so I basted it down and am ready to try it on again.  It is plain but pretty, I think.

This week has been a busy one.  B & I both had church committee meetings--separate nights.  I went to As You Like It Club yesterday & to the Garden Club dinner as a guest on Tuesday night.  Their Xmas dinner is a special event when they go all out decorating tables.  Helen Brown & I had a luncheon for 17 women.  We enjoyed doing it but it is a lot of work.

B & I are going to visit with some campus visitors tonight that are here for a meeting that is to be tomorrow.  People are supposed to come from a long way & I wonder how they'll get here. Tomorrow B will be busy with that and I'm going to another luncheon.  This time of the year it's one thing after another.

So far, I don't have much new on my calendar except a tea & book club.  I'm going to try to catch up on a few things.

Hope you both are fine."

                                  Lots of love,


NOTE:  I was surprised that there was no mention of the home-made ornaments from the 1964 holiday season--we made dozens.  Here are few of the ones leftover from '64, and they always find a place on the Christmas tree.  They never looked as good as the ones in the magazines but they were fun to make!

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