Monday, October 6, 2014

December 13, 1964 The Christmas Tree, The Christmas Cards, The Christmas Meeting and The Fruitcake

Dear Mother & Daddy,

"I wish you could see our Christmas tree.  Bob & Ann put it up this afternoon and it looks so pretty.  One of our neighbors came to see where we got it--said it looked so full.  Bob & Ann always insist on a big one and we almost always have to cut it off.  Anyway there was enough left over to make a porch decoration, too.

This week has really zipped by in a hurry but I actually got my ironing caught up.  Two days I spent writing Christmas cards but still have a few to do.

Ann's music program was Tuesday night and was so nice.  She was sick and had to come home from school that day but I took her to rehearsal and then she went for the program--had a bad throat and cold.  She still sounds like her head was full.  She played the piano for some of the chorus numbers and had to be there. She got along real well but didn't go to school the next morning.

The Quill Club Christmas meeting was Thursday night and that was nice.  All of us read something about Christmas.  It was a rainy, foggy night and we still had lots of snow but most everyone came anyway.

Last night our potluck group met but we went out to eat so that was real easy.

Tonight we have to go to a dorm formal and stand in the receiving line.  I dread it for last year we stood in line two hours.  The decorations are always so pretty and the girls look like pictures in their long dresses.  My dress is plain but looks nice.

This is Sunday and we have been to church and have had dinner.  I slept too long this morning and didn't even get the bed made before S.S.  We are going to a music program at school this afternoon so I'd better finish this pretty fast and get it done.

Next week I want to make some cookies.  I have the fruitcake so you can plan on having that and cookies when we're home.  I hope you won't do a lot of extra cooking or a lot of extra work because we're coming.

The sun is shining today and it looks so good after the gray days we've had.  The rain took most of the ice and dirty snow away but we had a very thin coat of snow last night--enough to make things look pretty in the sun.

Hope both of you are fine."

                           Lots of love,



  1. Lovely letters from such a different era in many ways.

  2. Thank you, Mike. They do tell a story over time. I appreciate your comments as always.


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