Thursday, September 25, 2014

September 26, 1964 The Rain, The Sewing, The Topsy-Turvy House and Tea for 25

Dear Mother & Daddy,

"It has been pouring rain all morning but we need it terribly. The grass got green again after some showers but I guess we need a lot of moisture. The leaves are falling pretty fast and this will probably bring more down.  Bob mowed the lawn this week and it looks pretty nice.  B is working at the office this morning but planned to spread fertilizer on the lawn this afternoon.  Too bad he couldn't have done if before the rain. B painted the trim he intended to but the whole house needs painting outside. It will have to wait for another summer.

I have sewed all week and still have a lot to do. I made myself a shantung-like dress except for the hem and belt.  I still have to do that but the dress is sort of olive green and rather plain.  Then I have a blouse for Ann all done but the hem and have started a jumper for her.  I suppose it would be better if I finished one thing at a time but lots of times I have to have help measuring hems or Ann has to try things on. The few times I've tried to finish things I've always had to do them over.  Last night I cut out a two piece gray wool dress for myself but I may not even pin it together for days.

The house is topsy-turvy but I was so tired of cleaning & scrubbing that I've let it go.  My tea last Sunday was very nice and there were about 25 here.  When that was over I could relax a little.

The As You Like It Club met for the first time this fall on Thursday.  It was a very nice luncheon since the club is celebrating its 50th year.  Two charter members still attend.  One of them gave the history of the club as the program and it was very interesting.

Daddy probably isn't very far off on his bird count.  They are migrating south now and they do come in droves.  Bob has been out with his binoculars and he says there are lots of warblers around.  We see them only in the spring & fall & last year we had three of them fly into our front window--two were killed but we picked up one & held it in our hands a few minutes and it finally flew off.

I have a lunch cloth partly done too, but I just work on it once-in-a-while. I have some yarn left from last winter and I want to start a sweater right away.  Mrs. Hager has a nice pattern she's using now & if I have enough yarn I'm going to borrow it.

It is noon so I'd better start some lunch.  Bob wants to eat.  Hope you both are just fine."

                            Lots of love,


NOTE:  Life's prediction was certainly accurate.  "In the not-so-far-out future, communication satellites will provide an astonishing assortment of global services, including instant reports on natural and man-made disasters, universal TV entertainment, telephone service anywhere--in short, a chance for everybody to keep an eye on everything."

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