Wednesday, September 24, 2014

September 20, 1964 The Ironing, The Town, The Ladies Night and The Same Old Stuff

Dear Mother & Daddy,

My legs are tired from standing & ironing so I'll just sit & write a bit.  It is cloudy & rainy so I guess fall has set in.  The week has been pretty nice, though, even if it has been cool enough to use the furnace a few times.

The kids are busy in school and I think Ann is really enjoying high school.  Two girls stayed all night with her so they could go together the first day.  You never heard such giggling that night.  I think they were all nervous & excited.  Bob doesn't say much but seems happy.

B worked late last night to set up classes.  They have registered almost 8000 students.  The town has really come alive again & the traffic is terrible.  We'll soon be used to it again though and not notice it.

I had a letter from Beulah this week and she sounded so lonesome.  It must be awfully quiet there in the country with everyone gone.

This is Ladies Night at College Alumni Club so I'll go with B.  He is president this year so I can't very well stay at home.  It is a dinner and then one of the members reads a paper.  A minister is giving it tonight.

Tomorrow night we're going to a reception for new members in the education department & then to another one Sunday night. I don't have anything new to wear to any of the affairs but hope to do a little shopping or sewing next week.

This week I made Ann a dress from the material you gave her & the jumper & a blouse so I didn't do so badly.  The material made up real pretty and it has long sleeves.  She wanted it that way. I still have some more material for her but I think I'll do some for myself first.

The Pen Women tea is here Sunday so I have to make some cookies today.  I hope it doesn't rain. That's always such a mess.

News is pretty scarce this week.  We've all been busy but it's the same old stuff. I'd better see what I can find for lunch.  It is getting to be that time."

            Lots of love,


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