Tuesday, September 23, 2014

September 13, 1964 The Long List, The Tour Group, The Pumpkin Pie and The Quill Club

Dear Mother & Daddy,

"Excuse the fancy paper but I'm with Ann at the church while she has her organ lesson.  This is the first one this fall.

I've worked like a demon all week--trying to get the house cleaning finished.  It is done for the most part except for a long list of little things which always take longer than one thinks.

We had the tour group in for dessert and coffee last night and then we showed our pictures downstairs.  That meant cleaning the basement which took most of the week for I washed all the slipcovers & did a thorough job.  It is done now and I'm happy about that, of course.  Everyone really enjoyed the pictures.  Polly & a single teacher showed theirs too.  Polly's mother made a cake & the teacher brought one so that helped a lot.

The kids registered for school on Thurs. & Fri. and they are ready to start classes on Tuesday.  The P.T.A. sponsored a second-hand textbook sale & I had to work at that one day.  Our kids couldn't find any used books so they had to have new ones except for the novels we have at home.  Ann can use some of them in literature class.  Bob's algebra book was $8.00.  The books get higher every year. I feel sorry for families that have several children.

I made Ann a plain cotton dress this week & have a corduroy jumper about finished.  We haven't been able to get the pattern we want for her birthday material but I want to wait for it because that material is too nice to waste & there is so much of it.  We know what we want but I guess everyone liked that pattern because two places are out of it.

We go to a potluck supper tonight & I have to take dessert.  I made pumpkin pies at Bob's suggestion. It is wonderfully cool today so they will be good for the weather.  Part of the week was horribly hot. Then we had a little shower Thursday night & the temperature dropped.  It is real chilly now.

B has gone to school for a student convocation.  There is one today and one tomorrow.  He has been home part of the day and we talked about it being our last free day for a long, long time now.  We are sorry summer is over because it has been such a wonderful summer for all of us but the kids are ready for school to start so I guess we are too.

I went to Quill Club Thursday night but I haven't been writing a thing so didn't have anything to take. When I get my big entertaining jobs out of the way I'm going to start again.

It's about time for the lesson to be over so I'd better stop.  I have to go to the store before supper so we can have some whipped cream on the pie.  Wish you were here to have some of it with us."

                      Lots of love,


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