Tuesday, September 30, 2014

October 31, 1964 The ISU Homecoming, The UHS Grade Cards, The Women's Society and The Room Full of Junk

Dear Mother & Daddy,

"It is another beautiful day & we hope it will stay this way all weekend.  We need rain terribly but this is homecoming at the University and there are so many things planned.  It always spoils things if it rains.  Tonight there is the bonfire & fireworks and tomorrow there is the parade and football game. The children will have company for lunch.  They always do.

Images from The Index, ISU Yearbook
They got their grade cards yesterday for the first time this year.  They had all A's & B's except Ann made a C+ in algebra.  That kept her off the honor roll but we thought they did real well.

I do hope Daddy is better & that you are o.k. , Mother.  Is it the flu?

Art went home from the hospital yesterday but won't go to the office for awhile yet.  They still don't know what was wrong except he was worn out and needed rest so badly.

I've been doing some telephoning for the church & I just hate that.  I also have to make something for their bake sale tomorrow.  It looks as if I'll have to go to the store before I can make anything.  I had finally decided to make rolls & had the milk in the pan to scald when I discovered there wasn't enough yeast.

Wednesday I was hostess for a Writer's Workshop at my house.  The women bring sack lunches & the hostess makes coffee.  We do this once a month and it is fun.

That night I went to the church to the Women's Society to hear a man talk on open housing.  It was real interesting.  I don't go very often.  They are always doing things which I don't think are very important.  Every time I go they ask me to do something--like the bake sale.  They had a rummage sale not long ago & now have a room full of junk left down there.

This is Saturday and we have been to the parade.  It is real warm today & the town is really full of people.

I waited until today to finish my letter in hopes I could tell you something definite about our coming.We want to and have reservations for the affairs at Drury but it all depends on whether Art gets back to school.  There are some things he or B have to take care of on Friday & if he isn't able then B will have to be here.  We may not know till Wed. night or Thursday morning, even.  Anyway, if we come it will be late afternoon or evening Thursday.  Don't fix supper for us.  We won't start until the kids have gone to school.  They will stay with friends.  We'll go to Springfield early Fri. morning & drive back to Richland that night.  Then we'll have to come home Sat. so it will mostly be a sleep visit but at least we can see you.  B will call his mother if we don't come so you can all know.

I must get busy in the kitchen.  We have 5 children for lunch today."

                         Lots of love,



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