Monday, September 29, 2014

October 25, 1964 The Most Beautiful Fall, The Apples, The Homecoming, The Pen Women and Dropping Everything

Dear Mother & Daddy,

"It has been such a beautiful day I hated to stay indoors but I simply had to do a little cleaning.  B worked in the yard and is washing storm windows in the basement now so he can get them up tomorrow.

This has been the most beautiful fall.  The high part of the coloring is gone now but there are still lots of gold maples around.  The As You Like It Club was in the country too this week so I enjoyed the drive.  Our hostess was one of the Funk's corn family.  They have a very ordinary farm home & I love to go there. The man collects rocks & must have a fortune tied up in them.  It is just a hobby but we hope he will give his collection to the University sometime.

B & two teachers went to Jerseyville, Ill. yesterday for a teachers' meeting & were gone all day long. That is apple country so they came home with Jonathans & red delicious.  The whole house smells like apples.

This is the homecoming weekend for our high school so Ann had to have her dress finished.  I got it too big & had to do it over but it looked cute tonight.  She had her first date last night for the football game & then tonight there is a party. Bob went to the game with some boys but stayed home tonight.

Pen Women met in Peoria last Sunday so B drove a carload of us over there.  I was dreading to drive it so he took his work with him.  The kids stayed at home & got along fine.  They didn't want to go.

Well, this is Sunday.  I didn't get this finished last night because Bob came in and wanted to talk about some clothes. When he does that, I drop everything.  He never seems to want anything to wear but he wants a red vest to wear with a navy sport coat & grey pants.  We found one in a catalog & I'll order it tomorrow. We spent all evening looking at the catalogs together.

Art Larsen has been in the hospital a week so B has had a double load. Art had such pain in his right arm that they have had to use pills & shots to control it. The Dr. couldn't find a cause for it but thinks now it is a nerve so they will probably take him to Chicago in a few days. We have all been concerned because they couldn't find out what was wrong.

B is supposed to attend the inauguration of the new Drury president in a couple of weeks but it really depends upon the work at school now that Art is going to be out awhile.  If B does come I may come with him.  Maybe I will be more sure in my next letter.

I joined the Christian Herald Family Bookshelf.  The books are $3.00 plus postage and are all clean, family-type books.  They are the kind of books you like to keep.  I got Christ & The Fine Arts & The Church & The Fine Arts for $1 a piece for joining. They are filled with poems, stories, paintings & things like that & I've wanted them for so long.  I have to buy 4 books before dropping out but those two books are $6.95 each when you buy them at the book store.  Of course, you don't have to take every book--send a card back if you don't want it.

I'm going to work in the yard a bit so I'd better get at it."

                       Lots of love,


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