Saturday, September 6, 2014

June 30, 1964 Istanbul

Journal entries:  Always in italics.

June 30, Istanbul.

Fishing boats, mending nets.

Cats everywhere.  Spent afternoon in bazaar.  Took taxi & train like Tokyo. Planned to walk back but too dangerous.  Passed Egyptian market--once a slave market, now a garden & flower market. Gold bracelets by the thousands, jewelry, antiques--everything.  Bob looked at inlaid backgammon board.   Found ivory & ebony chess set.

Evening went to Hilton, Mosque for a service & tonight club to see native dancing.  Morning tour Blue Mosque, St. Sophia, Palace of Sultan--treasury of Sultans (crown jewels) emeralds size of eggs & bigger, something with 15,000 pearls, throne, fantastic.

Tomorrow,  the letter from Istanbul.

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