Sunday, September 14, 2014

July 7 - 8, 1964 To Austria: Leoben & Vienna

Journal entries, always in italics.

To Leoben, lunch at old hotel, roast beef.  Picture of old church there, Lutheran, 1500.

Hotel Stefanie, Taborstrasse 12, Vienna.  Phone 555.618.  At statue of Strauss in city park is a pond. Mama duck & ducklings lived there.  Last spring they wandered to Parliament house & fire brigade brought them back.

Orchestra plays Strauss music at night.  People sitting with coffee, eating ice cream, listening. Woman selling roses.  Ann played organ at St. Peter's.   Old baroque church.  Flute piece and Oh Sacred Heart.

 Schoenbrunn Palace.

Hofburg Palace.

Rode on huge ferris wheel.  

Filigree bracelet.  Tyrolean shops, rings of hearts & doves, filigree pins, buckles.

Tomorrow, Filzmoos.

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