Saturday, September 13, 2014

July 5-6, 1964 Yugoslavia: Belgrade, Zagreb and Ljubljana

Journal entries, always in italics.

Belgrade--Turks made a big town capital of Yugoslavia.  Dates from time of Roman empire.

¼ paper napkin at breakfast.  Good butter.  Curtains were hand crocheted.

Much building in city.  Metal shades in buildings- window shades of green, orange, blue, etc.

Many soldiers in streets.  The Balkan Hotel.  To Ljubljana.

Flat land.  Larger barns, Illinois-like fields of corn, wheat, sunflowers.  Barns white-washed, red roof, haystacks long & near barn, others in fields.  Forests along the way of oak & poplar.

Stop at Slavonski, nice cafe, ham & cheese sandwich.  Girls in dark blue overalls cleaning windshields, men filling tanks.  Herds of pigs, large farm buildings of stone or brick with wooden shingles.  More churches, flocks of ducks, deer crossing signs, poppy fields (pink) and poppy seed cakes at stop.

Zagreb--Capitol of Croatia, only trade fair, under Austrian empire from 1500 to first world war. Austrian style city.  Car plant, other factories on edge, a ball park.  Big apartments, flags flying. Fun lunch--ham, pickles, olives, lettuce salad, roast pork & potatoes, cake for dessert.  

Walked to cathedral, beautiful, bells struck 2:00 p.m.  Walked through farmers' market.  Older Slav woman went with us.

To Ljubljana, capital of Slovenia, earthquake in 17th century.  Beautiful new hotel, Illyria Hotel. Walked to old castle to look over city.  Beautiful Catholic church on the way.

Craft shop on way back.  Went to wine store to see barrels & people filling bottles.  No jewelry shops. Back on bus.  Lovely dinner.  Old man at castle teased Ev Upton--pretended not to understand Ev.  Laughed loudly when we caught on.

Vases, plates, wood platter.

Tomorrow, Austria.


  1. The more I read your posts the more I think they are worthy of a book. The excellent photos capture a moment in time.

  2. Thank you, Mike. Your encouragement means a lot to me for some days I'm not sure I can transcribe even one more entry or identify one more photo!

    I so appreciate your comments! You made my day!


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