Friday, September 12, 2014

July 4, 1964 Continuing to Skopje and Nis

Diary entries, always in italics.

Skopje founded by Dardanians.  Destroyed by earthquake.  Occupied by Turks till 1912.  Burned to ground by Austrians.  Much destruction, rubble, but rebuilding.  Many new pre-fabs.  No churches, no bells.  2 or 3 mosques.  Long walk before we saw a television antenna.  Overnight in Skopje.

Skopje to Belgrade.  Shepherd child playing with umbrella, some sleeping in the sun.  Men working in hay with wooden hay forks & rakes.  Small boys in red shirts, blue pants (short).  Stop at motel--pottery from Vranje.  

Nis--large agriculture area, wheat.  Birthplace of Constantine (Roman Empire)--one of largest cities in Serbia.  Old city destroyed in war.  Rebuilt.  Pretty square with statue & flowers.  Soldiers marching.  Lovely restaurant.  Band played nice music.  Meal best we've had.  Park Hotel.  Rolls & cheese, soup, cole slaw, cucs, pork, kraut, mashed pot., cherry compote (cherries, peaches).  Large, clean restrooms.

NOTE:  The tragic earthquake in Skopje occurred in July of 1963, killing over 1000 people and leaving an estimated 200,000+ people homeless.  The government was re-building the city during our visit, and we were told that the new buildings would be for Communist party members only.

Tomorrow, Belgrade.

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