Wednesday, September 10, 2014

July 3, 1964 Kozani

Journal entries:  Always in italics.

A.M. Arrival at Piraeus.  On National Highway to Kozani.  Overnight-- Hotel Hermionion, Kozani, Greece.  

1 hr.  to get through Athens.  2 lanes--good highway separated with plants a long way.  Evergreens, sheep, mountains.  Pottery plants (some plain red clay, other bright red & blue).  Donkeys loaded with hay.

Fields well cared for.  People hoeing out weeds.  

Saw sign "Disney Land Hellas".  Construction; concrete frame work first, then fill in with bricks, power lines.  

Toll road.  Plants along banks at side of road.  Big grackle-like birds in fields. Soil getting better as we go north--color of cocoa.  Large tobacco fields.  Dry on low frames as we do.  Bee hives--blue. Drove along Evoikos Gulf.  Mts. are barren, rocky, thyme growing.  Bee hives in center of thyme growth.  Cows & horses feeding in harvested grain fields.  Irrigation systems.  Concrete half-pipes size of wash tubs where ditches not dug.  Straw shacks in mts. for shepherds & goats.

Flock of black goats, small fields of corn.

Swallows, black with yellow breast.  Cattails in small swamp.  Cotton fields, new Shell station going up.  Gypsies camped under trees--3 wagons--sides colored with designs (looked like ceramics).

Saw the pass where Leonidas & his men fought Persians to death to keep them out of Greece.

Dry river beds.  Statue to memory of Theopolis.  Alex. the Great had a farm home here.  Men tending mixed herds of horses & cows--water buffalo looking cows.  No fences.  Vast wheat fields.  Young turkeys, geese,  Mt. Olympus, many magpies.  Sea of olives.

Mt. roads!  Stalled on a 10% incline.  Truck driver siphoned gas & helped us on.  Claire asked for American cigarettes.  Dr. Hardy gave a pkg.  Claire gave to truck driver.

At Kozani.  true Greek hotel, spiral stairs, 1 private bath.  Roast lamb for supper served with limes, eggplant, fried potatoes, cucs, tomatoes, nectarines & peaches.  Streets filled with people--election going on.  Playing Stars & Stripes Forever on loud speaker.  Speaker on till 11:00.  Hard, hard pillow.

Tomorrow, Yugoslavia.

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