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May 8, 1964 The University Standards, The Usual Tests, The Material, The Sore Throat and The Long Legs

Dear Mother & Daddy,

"I hope Sunday is a real nice day for both of you.  I wish we could come home and spend the day with you but there isn't any chance of that.

All of us seem to be going in all directions at once.  It gets so frustrating sometimes but always works out.  B was so tired last night that I went to PTA by myself.  He has been working with a team of examiners who are checking the University's program to see if it comes up to certain standards so that has been extra.

Bob & Ann both have been taking tests--the usual thing.  Bob doesn't have a lot of extra things coming up like Ann does.  But the school makes quite a bit of the 8th grade graduation.  There is a music program and several parties and such.

I have sewed this week but didn't finish anything.  I have two dresses for Ann almost done and cut the blue dacron out for myself.  I could have finished one dress for Ann but had to have some lining material and couldn't find a thing in the house that would do.  I got some this morning and can go ahead now when I find some time.

I had a sore throat Sunday & Monday so spent the time reading & didn't accomplish anything.  Ann caught it and was home from school a couple of days.  There have been so many colds and flu around here.  I was supposed to help with a women's meeting at school but couldn't go.

The little picture is our passport picture.  It isn't very good but the photographer never takes many pains with passport shots.  The kids think it is terrible.

Charlotte must have pleased her bosses real well for that certainly is a good raise.  Does she still like her work?  It doesn't seem possible that Jerry is ready for college now.  When is his school out?  I had a letter from Beulah not long ago but she didn't mention it.

B and Art Larsen are interviewing people for jobs every few days but I don't know if they have anyone to fill T. Rine's place yet.  I expect the teachers in the dept. just divided his work & are doing it.  Lola is doing fine and keeping busy. They had a will so things haven't been hard for her to handle.  We have talked about a will so long but never took time to do it but T's death made us all a bit more serious about things and now we have our will all made out and legally signed.  It was very simple to do and certainly didn't take long.  Some of our friends are talking about buying cemetery lots but I don't think we'll do that now.  Rines had one, though, & it sure made things easier.

I got a permanent Tuesday but it needs to be washed already.  The wind has blown so much this week that everything is gritty with dust.  The iris are starting to bloom and the tulips and lilacs are just beautiful.  The rose bushes have to be cut way back this year.  Winter must have been really hard on them.

We are going to a supper tonight but hope we get home early enough to look for Bob a suit.  His legs are so long we will probably have trouble."

             Lots of love,


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