Tuesday, August 19, 2014

May 2, 1964 The Beautiful, Beautiful Day, The Factory, The Trip Date and The $15.00 Article

Dear Mother & Daddy,

"It is a beautiful, beautiful day.  We have the windows open & we can see fruit trees in full bloom all over the neighborhood.  Our yard has been full of kids all day.

Ann & I just came from her organ lesson.  The recital is the 17th and she is working on that music. Bob has been gone since 6:30 this morning with a group of students to Turkey Run State Park in Indiana. They plan to be back about 8:00 tonight.  I've always wanted to see that park but we've never been there.  People say it is beautiful.

We have had lots of rain too, and everything is just shooting up.  I would like to work in the yard a little but don't see much chance of finding any time.

I made Ann a little cotton dress this week & fixed two skirts for her that a friend gave me.  I haven't decided how I'll make the dacron dress but will make Ann's things first.  She has to have a graduation dress.

I'm so glad the town is finally getting a factory.  It really needs something.  Do you know what kind it will be?

The date set for our trip is June 19.  I think that is a Friday.  We keep getting things together for it and shouldn't have too much more to buy.  Bob has to have a suit or sportcoat and it is like pulling teeth to get him to go try on things.  We don't have the hotel list yet but will try to send you one before we go so you'll know just where we are.

Ann does look more grown-up in her picture than Bob did.  He hasn't had any taken since then except for school identification & they are terrible.  He almost didn't show it to us.

I sold an article this week to Hearthstone magazine.  It is a Baptist-Christian magazine for families & the article was on children's allowances.  They gave $15. for it & I was happy to get it.

You haven't said a thing lately about how you both are feeling.  I think all of us will feel peppier when it gets warm & stays that way for awhile."

                     Lots of love,


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