Tuesday, August 26, 2014

June 20 - 21, 1964 The Journey Begins: Rome in a Day, A Papal Blessing, A Couple of Souvenirs and The Flight to Athens

Journal Entries (always in italics).  All photos posted, unless noted otherwise (snapshots or Kodachrome slides) taken by B & Bonnie, my parents.

Bonnie's Travel Journal, 1964
 Arrival in London and continuing flight to Rome.  Hotel Rivoli, Via Taramelli 7.  Overcast.  

Vatican, St. Peter's

Pope.  Silence & preached in St. Peter's.  Treasury of Vatican.

Cameo, Rome, 3 Travelers checks, $30.00.  Cameos -- on Piazzo Navano next to Tri Scalini Restaurant.

Ring, Rome, $3.00.

Charms, $3.00

A charm from each destination, first 2 from Rome

Firenza Pottery

NOTE:  Strictly by accident we received a private blessing from Pope Paul VI. A group from Illinois had arranged for such a blessing, and while wandering long, dark corridors in St. Peter's we encountered the group. The guards told us to stop what we were doing, stay silent and participate in the blessing.  So we did.

June 21 flight

Greece--nod head up & down means "no"--word nay means yes.

Tomorrow's post, ATHENS.


  1. I Didn't get to mention earlier, but How Wonderful that your parents got a Blessing from the POPE himself! She must have been born under a lucky star. It made me smile so wide when I read that notation. : )

    1. At the time, I had no idea of the meaning of that experience. It wasn't until our Catholic friends back home talked about it that I understood its significance:-) I'm especially glad that you got a smile from it as well!


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