Monday, August 25, 2014

June 18, 1964 The Long Hop, The Scraps, The Potlucks, The Sweeper and The New Tires

Dear Mother & Daddy,

"I hope Sunday will be a real nice day for both of you.  We'll be thinking about you.

We'll probably be on our way when you get this but Daddy, you should have your package.  We will leave here in the morning at 8:30.  Polly's mother is going with us to Chicago and drive our car back.

We start thru customs at 12:30 and the plane leaves at 2:00.  We go by way of Montreal, Canada and make a short stop there.  We can stretch our legs before the long hop to London.  I can't tell you when to expect mail from us but we'll write every chance we get.  It is always a problem to mail letters when you move so much and don't know where things can be mailed.

All of us are fine but too excited to do much.  We were invited out for supper last night and again tonight so I haven't had to cook much.  The kids complain about the lunches they've been getting but I wanted to use all the scraps up.  We have even emptied the freezer.  It had to be defrosted so we just ate out of it and will fill it when we get home.

We are still needing rain.  It gets cloudy and sprinkles a few drops and that's all we get.

Sunday was the last meeting for Pen Women until fall.  We had a picnic and then visited an old museum in Bloomington.  B went with me to the picnic but the kids ate at home.  They have outgrown potluck parties, I guess.  They just hate them and always make a fuss when we have one at the church.

I had to go to a church committee meeting Tuesday night and then poured at a tea for summer faculty yesterday afternoon.  There is always something going on.

B has really been working this week--went to the office before 7:00 two mornings.  This is the busy week though when the term is just starting.  Things shouldn't be so bad at the office next week.  He is really looking forward to this trip.  It will be a rest even if he gets tired walking.

We finally gave in and bought new tires for the car.  We just decided it was too risky to keep riding on the worn out ones and especially if we had to drive as far as Chicago.

I want to run the sweeper and fold some clothes out of the dryer so I'd better get it done.  Take care of yourselves and keep well.  We'll have lots to tell when we get home."

                              Lots of love,


NOTES:  Dad's slide of his notations on the map was used to show the route whenever the slides were shared after our return.  Note the difference in countries (50 years ago this summer).

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