Saturday, August 2, 2014

January 5, 1964 Kind of Hectic, Practically Done, A Lot of Time, The Same Group and The Slow Service

Dear Mother & Daddy,

"Things are still kind of hectic around here and I'm behind with everything.  The kids go back to school Monday.  Then I'm really going to have to get busy and clean things up.

I've spent most of this afternoon typing on a term paper for Bob and haven't too much more.  He has done a good job with it and I have learned a lot.

I've worked hard on Bob's sweater and it is practically done.  It is all together and there are some little things on it to finish up.  He is sure proud of it and it is certainly big enough that he'll never outgrow it.

Ann & Polly have spent a lot of time together since Christmas.  Polly was really thrilled about getting to go to Europe and all of us have enjoyed her excitement.  The girls went downtown to compare prices on things they think they'll need.  They only looked & didn't go to buy anything but I haven't the least idea what they looked for except purses.  It gave them something to do.

I worked at the church most of yesterday to get my room ready for Sunday.  Lots of the things in storage were so dirty & it took longer than I thought it would.

I have a lot of letters to write when I can get to it.  Marjorie's letter came back for I had sent it to the wrong address.  They didn't forward it--just marked it "wrong address".  Aggie wrote & wanted to know if we were coming to the fair next summer.  Her oldest girl, Jody, may be married next summer & that may be why she wants to know.

We went to a real nice New Year's Eve party. The same group gets together every year & it will probably be our turn to have them next year.  An older couple & Mrs. Fairchild (our former president's widow) took us to a hotel for dinner. Then all of us went to the couple's home to sit & talk & we played Password.  Edna & Woody called & talked to everyone & another family that used to live here called.  Both calls came from California.  They must have been homesick.

The weather has been fairly warm for three days now.  I even washed the windows on the outside yesterday.  There is still some snow in spots.

I sent my coat back for a larger one but haven't got it yet.  Service at Wards & Sears both is sure slow now.  We got a new Sears catalog yesterday & it has lots of pretty things in it.

B took the clothes to the mission today.  They are always happy to have the clothes.

Hope both of you are fine."

               Lots of love,



  1. What charmingly lovely Christmas cards. I have a friend (and fellow vintage wearer/blogger), Janey, who wildly adores just about anything vintage + Californian or Southwestern related and I instantly thought of her when I saw the Californian Christmas card here.

    It's hard to believe we're already nearing the end of 1963 on the letter front. How time flies!

    Big hugs & the happiest start of August wishes, dear Ann!
    ♥ Jessica

  2. Hi Jessica! How nice to hear from you--thanks so much! Yes, I'm still plodding along, looking forward to the completion of the letters!

    Happy August to you as well and thanks again for commenting!

  3. Hey, isn't typing the responsibility of the student?

    Bob K


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