Monday, August 4, 2014

January 18, 1964 The Blizzard, The Once Over, The Coat and The Good Hobby

Dear Mother & Daddy,

"The snow is still with us but we can get out and around.  We had a genuine blizzard last Sunday and people were marooned on all of the highways around here.  They filled the motels, restaurants & bowling alleys along 66 and the state police got permission to use our field house but they didn't need it.  I guess every little town around here took care of people in the school gymnasiums.   The wind was up to 50 miles an hour, the snow was fine & dry.  So it drifted in all directions.  It was piled half way up our porch banister Monday morning. All of the schools, except ours, were closed on Monday.  The kids were disgusted.

Ann has been home with a bad cold.  She feels all right now but still has a cough that sounds awful.

Bob is 16 today.  He wants to drive a little today so B promised he'd let him go to the filling station sometime this afternoon.  As long as one of us is riding with him he can drive on this driver's permit. He wants to take his test right away.

He was real happy with the money and put it away with his savings for the trip. We bought him an aquarium so he's setting that up this morning.  He has only two fish but I hope he doesn't buy any more till we're back next summer.  He'll have some friends overnight next week like he did last year.

I entertained the As You Like It Club Thursday afternoon.  There were 20 of them--two were out of town.  I thought I'd have only a few but they all came in spite of the snow.  They sure gave my house the once over but it was the first time they had been here.

We went to potluck last night and I took corn and twice baked potatoes.  I made extra for the kids but not enough.  We haven't had them in so long and they sure like them.  I guess I'll have to make some more right away.

I finally gave up on my coat.  I couldn't get one that fit right and I get tired of sending things back.  The stores in Bloomington are having sales but I haven't been to even look at things.

I try to do a little writing now & then but can't seem to sell a thing.  Maybe I'm wasting my time but it's a good hobby so I guess it is worthwhile even if I never sell a thing.

Hope you both are fine.  Take it easy in the snow.  If I could, I'd just curl up with a book & stay in till it melts."

                        Lots of love,


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  1. I was ready To drive at any notice after I turned 16. But we only had one car.


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