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January 11, 1964 The Accumulated Junk, The 22, The Good Stretcher and The Little Fish Net

Dear Mother & Daddy,

"Winter has really come back.  It has been horribly cold but was warm enough a day or two for me to get some of the windows washed outside.  It rained then so you can't tell they were washed.

I've been trying to do a little extra each day to catch up on a few things.  We cleaned closets one day and yesterday I spent the day cleaning the desk and book shelves in the study.  We sure do accumulate a lot of junk.

I went to a writers' workshop one day & spent the day so I didn't get a thing done besides that.

Bob was pleased with the birthday money.  He has begged & begged for a 22 but I can't bring myself to give in on that.  I've never wanted him to have any kind of gun but of course he's had a BB gun & the pellet gun.  He finally decided he wanted a bigger aquarium for his fish & I must admit that I'm relieved.

We are still trying to get our Xmas orders straightened out at Sears.  My coat came today but I'm going to send it back.  It just doesn't look right.

I've been making slaw a lot with that salad dressing recipe you gave me.  It is a good stretcher for mayonnaise.

Bob & Ann had notes from Mike & David, too.  They were real cute. Ruth added a note, too.

I'm so glad Daddy is feeling good again.  Now, he'll probably have to start watching his weight.  Ha!  That seems to be the way it goes.

Bob has really been enjoying his sweater.  It does look nice.    He got an A on his term paper.  He was real proud of himself.

We went to a meeting about the trip this week but there wasn't anything new. We have to get our passports and our old ones are outdated.  That will take a while.   Polly was to have her picture taken today for hers.  We'll get ours taken Monday night.  I'd like to keep the picture off the old passport but we'll have to turn it all in.  We all look so different.

Bob wants me to make a little fish net for him so I'll say bye for now."

                      Lots of love,


NOTE:  When My Fair Lady became a movie, our Dad immediately bought the soundtrack since he loved Broadway show tunes.  However, he preferred the original Broadway cast with Julie Andrews singing the role of Eliza Doolittle, and bought that as well.  I can still hear him singing and whistling along with the records.  The movie version was touted for its elaborate and outlandish costuming.

Watch a clip here and whistle along:

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