Monday, August 18, 2014

April 25, 1964 Looking for Snakes, Hitting the High Spots and Going Ahead

Dear Mother & Daddy,

"We got up pretty early this morning and it is still early.  Bob went on a field trip (a geology trip) and had to be ready at 7:30.  He was excited about it.  Took his rock hammer and a cloth sack for snakes.  I hope he doesn't catch any.  He kept the garter snake a while but he couldn't feed it so he measured it and turned it loose.  They have to be force-fed and he & Malcolm weren't very good at it.

B has gone to the barber shop and to see a mechanic about the car and Ann is going to eat lunch with a friend.  We are going to have to have some work done on the car if it keeps running & we have to have tires.  B has to be at school at 10:00 to meet a student & then interview a candidate for a job.  They are coming thick & fast now.

We are having potluck here tonight so I've been hitting the high spots but the house is pretty dirty.  I think I need to clean like people used to do--move everything out & start with an empty room.

I went to see Lola Rine yesterday.  I had been there 3 times this week but she was gone every time. She has had a lot of business to tend to, of course.  She amazes me for she is going ahead with her life as if T. was still here.  She and the children went to church last Sunday and she went to choir practice. People have been awfully kind to her and she appreciates everything so much.  Gladys had written to her.  You can give the clipping to her if you want to.  Lola may send her one so don't worry about it.

Happy Birthday, Dad!
B's package came yesterday.  He liked the shirt very much.  It is the right size & everything and I love the material.  It is pretty gay and I can see why you didn't care for it. Did you say it is dacron?  Ann sure likes it but I think I'm going to keep it myself.

B's birthday was very ordinary.  We didn't do much--just got him some film & a cap for the trip.  Ann made him a cake & his office had cake & coffee for him. They usually do that for every birthday.

I must stop & go to the library.  I have some books to take back & they are having an old magazine sale.  Bob wants me to look for science magazines.

Hope you both are fine."

                   Lots of love,


NOTE:  The New York Times from April 24, 1920, Dad's birthday, was a gift to him for his 60th.

Dad loved this in '64:

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