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September 7, 1963 Back from Door County, The Constantly Ringing Phone and The Interfering Kids & Doorbell

View from the campground

Dear Mother & Daddy,

"We got home Tues. afternoon but we've worked so hard since then that it seems we've been home a month.

Last Sunday was a marvelous day & we planned to leave camp Tuesday because of Labor Day traffic. It was sprinkling before we got up Monday & was really raining before we could finish breakfast.

Bonnie, Door Co., August, 1963
It didn't stop so we drove around & killed time till noon & went to a Swedish restaurant for lunch.  That was fun.  Bob ordered a cheese plate & I wish you could have seen it.  It was a platter of different cheese with a heap of cottage cheese surrounded by huge ripe strawberries on one end.  Different breads & butter came with it. He ate almost all of it.  Ann had a buffet plate which was almost the same except cold meats instead of cheese--roast beef, corned beef, ham, pork, turkey.  I never saw such a plate of meat for one person.  B & I had Swedish meatballs.

The rain kept coming & when we went back to the park after lunch there were just a few campers left. The park & little towns were deserted.  People just went home when the rain kept up so we loaded our car & left about 5:00 that afternoon.

There was very little traffic so we drove to Sheboygan & stayed in a nice motel. Ann wanted to stop in Chicago but we decided to come on home & got here mid-afternoon.  We've been putting things away & catching up on washing, etc. ever since.

Bob got registered, Ann had a dental appointment & Bob had his eyes checked this morning.  He needs new glasses--a little stronger.

The phone has rung constantly & the kids have been in & out.  Ann is restless & we'll be glad when school really gets going.  B went back to work yesterday afternoon.  It will be day & night for awhile. Students are moving into the dorms today.

I still have three pears & a lot of apples left.  The pears finally got ripe & were pretty good in a fruit salad. The apples have kept fine & the potatoes, too, of course.

It is almost noon & I'll have to get some lunch.  I planned to iron some more this morning--have been doing a little every chance I get--but the kids & doorbell keep interfering so bye for now."

                     Lots of love,


B's sunset, August, 1963

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