Sunday, July 20, 2014

September 29, 1963 Coffee & Doughnuts, Dust & Such, A Couple Days of School and The Motions of Driving

Dear Mother & Daddy,

"I kept thinking I'd get this written early this week but it has been a busy week & I never got at it.  We had a houseful of people for coffee & doughnuts after the football game yesterday & I'd been getting ready for that.  The sun has been so bright all week that I had to clean extra good & wash the windows. Everyday I tried to do something extra and still a lot of things didn't get done.  A lot of the people are new this year and it was nice to have them.  Then we had company for supper so we had a big day.

The weather has been wonderful most of the week but it rained some last night & the wind is cold today.

We had hoped we'd be in the church next week but I guess we won't.  It looks about done but is so dirty with plaster dust & such.

Ann missed a couple of days of school because of a bad cold.  Bob had one but kept going.  I have a sore throat today & feel terrible but hope it doesn't get me down.

I finally got my dress done & have been wearing it a lot.  It is real comfortable. I'd like to make the suit this week but I have a big ironing left over & if I don't feel good I can't get much done.

The kitten is growing real fast.  She sleeps in the basement & stays down there most of the time when we don't want her pestering us.

Bob got his glasses last Saturday & they are fine.  He never seems to have any trouble.  He really is enjoying the drivers' training & is supposed to get his permit tomorrow.  They have some new equipment and they call them simulators.  It is like the front of a car & they go thru the motions of driving. Mistakes are flashed on a board.  It is something new but they claim the same thing was used in training airplane pilots during the war.

I hope you are both fine.  I know Daddy will be glad to have a good meal again. Wish he could have had dinner with us today."

                                       Lots of love,


NOTE:  Both of us "learned" to drive on dirt roads as young kids in Richland, long before drivers' ed. at school.  Bob, what type of car did you use at school? I had a Ford Fairlane, 3 speed manual transmission.

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