Saturday, July 19, 2014

September 20, 1963 The Real Nice Visit, The Kitten, The Yellow Chairs and The Bag of Tomatoes

Dear Mother & Daddy,

"It is only Thursday but we had your letter yesterday & if I get this done now maybe you'll have it before you go to Aunt Jane's, Mother.  I'm glad you are all going to be together.  You should have a real nice visit in that length of time.  Daddy, you behave while she's gone & don't do a lot of heavy work.

We're getting along very well with the kitten.  She knows what "no" means & really likes to be held & loved.  She has been lots less trouble than Pretzel was but she does get under our feet when we don't know she is around. We can tell she has grown since we got her, but still can't see that she will be long haired.

B is still working hard but things get a little better every day. Things have been a little slower for me this fall than usual & I'm thankful for it.  I haven't had to go to a lot of teas yet except one & one more is coming up on Sunday.  Ann's music lessons have made a difference too in the amount of running I usually have to do.  She played two piano pieces for the Women's Club on Monday.  I had to fix her lunch & she ate it on the way to Bloomington in the car but she played & we got her back to school on time.  She played real well & I was proud of her.

I'm glad Meta is getting along all right.  And I'm glad she appreciates the Xmas cards for I don't think she has sent us one in two or three years & I really wondered about continuing sending them.  I will, though, for we send lots of cards & many to people who don't send to us.  We still send quite a few to Richland.

I think I told you about our yellow chairs looking so bad in the living room.  The upholstery is worn out on the arms so we went chair hunting one night.  We found some on sale at the store where we usually buy furniture & bought a brown one.  Then we ordered two smaller ones (straight) with loud flowered upholstery.  They have walnut frames & no upholstery on the arms so maybe they will last longer.  The yellow chairs will be all right in the basement but they are pretty dirty.  They were cheap when we bought them so I guess we've had our money's worth out of them.

Some friends invited us over for watermelon last night & then gave us a bag of tomatoes to bring home. They are the people who always have such a wonderful garden of vegetables & flowers.  He had grown the watermelons, too.

I'm making a black &white cotton knit dress & it is hard to sew the stuff.  There were three yards in a piece I bought the middle of summer & I'm just getting around to making it up.  It was 60" wide & I cut a dress, jacket & skirt out of it.  If I can get it together right it will be pretty.

Bob is home & Ann will be coming soon so I'll say bye."

                            Lots of love,


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