Tuesday, July 22, 2014

October 12, 1963 Indian Summer, PTA, Paris and Dad's Day

Dear Mother & Daddy,

"We are still having wonderful Indian Summer but each day gets a little cooler.  The yard is full of leaves and they are always a problem but we haven't even started to rake.

This has been a busy week.  I worked real hard and finished my checked suit I cut out so long ago.  It turned out real pretty and I wore it to a club meeting Thursday afternoon.  I had wanted a red blouse but had a white one that I'd never worn.  When I tried the suit on with it, it looked so nice I'll just use the white one.

We went to High School PTA Tuesday night & it was like a day of school.  We spent a few minutes in each of Bob's classes & it was very interesting.  He is doing real well in school but has to work so hard.  He drove a real car in driver's training the other day & was thrilled.  It had a clutch, though, & he laughed about the car jumping.  I think he'll be more tolerant of my driving now.

I looked up Paris on the map & it looks like Charlotte will be as close to us as to Richland. Maybe she can come here some weekend.

I haven't heard from Beulah but I'm anxious to hear about Nobel's job.  It sounds interesting.

Ann goes to her first art class this morning.  I do hope she likes it and makes some new friends.  They are supposed to do oil painting & she's never done anything with oils.  It should be fun.

We go back to our church tomorrow.  It isn't all done but we're going anyway. The dedication will be later.  I'm not teaching this quarter because we are having a course in church history & I'm taking that.  We are using my room for that so my children are staying with the nursery teacher.  We had to double up since the fire so the children are used to being together.

We are invited out to dinner tonight & then will go to the football game.  It is Dad's Day on campus so we'll have lots of parents.

Hope you both are fine."

                           Lots of love,


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