Friday, July 25, 2014

November 2, 1963 Frost, Rain, Hard Work and Lunchtime

Dear Mother & Daddy,

"Our Indian Summer is over and we've had frost almost every morning this week.  I never did get my geraniums in or the flowers beds cleaned.  B & I worked in the yard Sunday afternoon & he got the leaves raked.  I cleaned some of the flowerbeds but we filled every basket we had & then had to stop.

It poured rain Halloween night but the kids were all out anyway.  They came in droves.  Ann's room had a party at school & then a few of the girls went out trick or treating.  She borrowed a football uniform to wear.  Bob wasn't interested.

I'm glad Nobel feels better.  He'll probably be all right now.  Does Daddy seem to have arthritis or what?  I hope he feels better.

We had to send B's coat back to Sears.  It was just too big.  This is the time of the year when he needs it & I hope they aren't as slow as they were in sending the first one.  They had even lost our order for it & I had to send them our cancelled check to prove we'd ordered it.

I've made Ann a cotton dress this week & have been working on a talk for the church women.  It is really hard work & I'm not half done.

Yesterday I went to a luncheon.  It was supposed to be for Faith Larsen but Art's mother broke her hip & they were called to Wisconsin.  They didn't think the mother would live but Art hasn't called yet so she is still alive.

Bob fell in gym & skinned his knees up pretty bad so he's been limping around for several days.  He can't wait for me to finish his sweater and he does need it now that it's getting cold.

I keep thinking I'll get a letter written to Bessie.  We don't plan to go to their house for Thanksgiving.  I supposed we'll just stay at home & rest.

We dedicate the church tomorrow but won't have open house for awhile.  I haven't been in the basement lately but I think the men are still working down there.

Do you have Charlotte's address?  I'd like to have it before her birthday.

Polly stayed with Ann last night & they just had breakfast even though it is about lunchtime.

Take it easy, Daddy, so that back will have have a chance to get o.k."

                        Lots of love,


NOTES:  The cinder running tracks at school were responsible for chronic skinned knees and permanently embedded cinders in both my brother and me!

And as family readers are well aware, Mom's clearly stated opinion of Goldwater was something to the effect of, "Don't get me started!"  Life's editorial pointed out the thoughts of his critics--guts without depth and a man of one-sentence solutions.  Mom would wholeheartedly agree.

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