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November 10, 1963 About Granny, The Paper, The Full House, The Fall and Broken Ribs

Dear Mother & Daddy,

"Today is another beautiful, warm day.  We are so thankful for every one we have because our winters are so cold.

Horace called last night to tell us about Granny Gibson.  We won't try to come to the funeral and I know B's mother will be disappointed but it is such a hard trip and we'd have to do so much re-arranging of things all of us have to do the next few days.  B told Horace we wouldn't come.

I have spent a lot of this week working on a paper to give to the women's group at the church and am not finished yet.  The dining table is stacked with books I've been using but I think I'll just leave it until I'm done.

Ann is going to play the organ for a youth meeting at the church tomorrow night so we have been at the church to practice this morning.  We are still using a rented spinet & it isn't nearly as good as our own.  B wrote to see how our big church organ was coming along but he hasn't had time to hear about it.  The contract said Feb. but we had hoped to have it sooner.

Our dedication last Sunday was just lovely and I'll try to remember to put in a program.  We had a full house and our speaker was really good.

Bob stayed all night with Malcolm last night & hasn't come home yet.  That's the friend that took him to Wisconsin last summer.

The rest of us went to a church potluck supper.  It was the first time we'd gone in a long time.

Larsen's didn't stay long in Wisconsin.  Art's mother is better & will probably be all right now except she may never walk again & will have to live in a rest home.  His father will have to go too, so it will be hard on all of them.

Granny Watterson is with her daughter in Sterling, Ill. & she fell down some stairs the other day & broke some ribs.  So she is in the hospital now.  She seems to have a fall every year or so.

How is Daddy's hip feeling now?  I hope it is all o.k.

Ann says dress material would be fine for Xmas.  We tried to think of some other ideas too but couldn't think of anything except a billfold.  I guess the weather is just too nice to think of Xmas.

I hope you both are fine."

                      Lots of love,


The cabin where Granny Gibson spent her childhood, Richland, Missouri

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