Friday, July 4, 2014

May 25, 1963 Too Fussy, So Fancy, Seven Dresses and Indian-like Designs

Dear Mother & Daddy,

"We are going to the high school operetta afterwhile but maybe I'll have time to write my letter & not be so late.

There is so much going on at school now that we can't get to everything.  Ann's home ec. class had a style show one afternoon & the girls modeled the clothes they have made.  Ann finally got her housecoat finished to wear over the pajamas she made.  Then she modeled a pleated skirt and jerkin that she made last winter.  It is the only time she has worn it.  She thinks it looks terrible but it really looks nice on her.

I finished the last of her dresses this week & that makes about seven, I think.  I hope I don't have to make anything else this summer.

I cut my lace dress but decided it would be too fussy for the dinner we're going to tomorrow night so I've made an embroidered cotton sheath to wear.  It is rather plain because the material is so fancy.

As You Like It Club had its' last meeting of the year so I went to that Thursday and then to Quill Club that night.  I haven't had time to write anything but it is interesting to listen to what others do.

Bob says he's going fishing tomorrow and Ann has rehearsal for her piano recital.

The sun shines most everyday but it stays so cold we have to have some heat every day.  There was a frost the night before last but it didn't hurt any of our flowers.  People were complaining about their tomato plants but of course, we don't have any.

I haven't ordered Bob's yarn yet but it will be black, grey & white with Indian-like designs on it.  I want to order the yarn soon because it is on sale, but may not do much on it this summer.  I order it from the place where we got our tablecloths.


Well, I'll try again. We've been to rehearsal, had lunch & I've washed my hair.

We had Charlotte's graduation announcement but I haven't answered it yet.  I would sure like to see her graduate.  If you are asked to go you must.  That four years has been short & I'm so proud of her for sticking to it.  She'll never be sorry & I hope she goes back for her education work as she plans.

I want to write Jerry a little note on his birthday card so bye for now."

                          Lots of love,


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